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London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen

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Directed by : Babak Najafi

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The sequel to the worldwide smash hit Olympus Has Fallen begins in London, where the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances. His funeral is a must-attend event for leaders of the western world. But what starts out as the most protected event on earth, turns into a deadly plot to kill the world's...more


“If not for its likable action, London would have found itself fallen.”

London Has Fallen Credit & Casting

Gerard Butler

London Has Fallen Audience Review

London Has Fallen Review

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Sidhant Shori (4,660 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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If you happened to be a fan of Olympus has Fallen, then be glad, for hollywood has decided to give us a sequel. Its got most action movie cliches you expect, but it's execution is pretty enjoyable. London has fallen won't surprise you, but it will definitely thrill you.

President Aaron Eckhart seems to have a penchant for being in sticky situations. Luckily his bodyguard Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) was there to save the day in the previous movie. In London has Fallen, The president of the USA is among the targets of a dangerous arms dealer from Pakistan. There's a terrorist attack at the funeral of the late British Prime Minister and many world leaders are killed. It's now upto Mike Banning to escort the president out of immediate danger. It's not easy, especially with the enemy always seeming to be two steps ahead. It's hard not to succeed though, when you've got Morgan Freeman Doling out instructions from the situation room.

There's nothing special about London has Fallen, but there's still lots to like. The acting is solid, as is expected of a cast like that. While you never really feel for the characters plight, they're more than likeable. The twists aren't really too shocking, but the plot is fun regardless. If you're looking for some mindless action, then London has Fallen is definitely worth a watch.

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