Love You To Death

Love You To Death

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Directed by : Rafeeq Ellias

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  • Critics Rating 2.0/5
  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Love You To Death is a comedy about love that does not exist, therapy that does not work and three murders waiting to happen!


“Love You To Death is a beautifully shot Hinglish film that feels more like a play due to its unusual treatment. It has a few decent performances too but is completely let down by its run of the mill script. A one-time-watch!”

Love You To Death Audience Review

Love to entertain you

| by Smita Vyas Kumar |
Rated 3.0 / 5
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I went to see Love you to Death with zero expectations. I thought it was one more of the small, sidey movies that pop up from time to time, made by people who are too clever by half. I was pleasantly surprised when this movie turned out to be quite an entertaining watch.

The ad for the film touts it as a Hinglish film. But after a few token sentences in Hindi at the start, it abandons the pretense and is mostly in English which is a relief because the actors dont look like they speak much Hindi in real life. The film has the feel of a play being filmed rather than an actual film. The scenes end in a staged way at times and you expect the curtain to drop. But that does not take away from the essential fact that the story is entertaining and engrossing right till the end.

Sonia is a rich orphan married to a loser guy with a domineering mother and a hen pecked dad-in law. When she refuses to give the husband money to finance his project preferring instead to give it to a handsome dude who makes solar energy panels for rural upliftment, the mother son duo plan to kill her. I wont tell you the rest of the story since it will spoil your enjoyment of the twists and turns and the suspense.

Yuki Ellias as the heiress starts off as a ditzy young thing, totally into mumbo jumbo about crystals and chakras and obsessed with her dogs insomnia and anorexia. She transforms into a steely person once the plan becomes evident to her. Yuki holds your attention completely. She has the poise and self-confidence of a girl born into money. Chandan Roy Sanyal as her husband hits the right note of irritating in his behavior for you to want to slap him. Suhasini Mulay as the scheming mother who plays video games with the servants is superbly sinister. The dad in law steals your heart with his rocking Elvis dance complete with flashing goggles. Sohrab Ardeshir does a hilarious turn as a sex doctor complete with a song that has lyrics that go Up up up sung by him with some nurses in short skirts. Sheeba Chadda as Sonias psychic completes the competent cast.

I enjoyed watching this movie. Its very different in its treatment of the story. Meant for a very niche late night multiplex audience it should have been marketed more on social media to create some buzz. I would recommend a watch.