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Directed by : Jeff Nichols

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Loving is based on the true story of Richard Loving and his wife Mildred Loving an interracial couple in a time were such a union was illegal

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Joel Edgerton


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In USA in 1960s, marriage of white man and black lady declared illegal, couple fight back

Rated 3.5 / 5
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The year is 1960 in the state of Virginia USA where the marriage of white young man Richard Loving with a black lady named Milfred is declared unconstitutional by the courts.The couple is arrested from their home at night and put behind bars. The court then banishes them to live outside of the state for 25 years.
The couple then decide to approach the courts and with the help of two friendly lawyers file a case for recognition of their marriage. After some years in 1967 the case is presented at the supreme court where marriage is accepted as a fundamental right and their marriage is declared legal.
This is the plot of this true story converted into an engrossing film competently directed by Jeff Nichols. A trifle slow in unfolding of the plot and most shots a couple of seconds longer than desirable, the director takes a laid back approach just short of making it boring.On the whole however the net result is favourable.
Acting wise Joel Edgerton as the tormented husband Richard acts well. He is shown as an introvert, paranoid and shy communicating more with body language. Ruth Negga puts up a spirited performance as the cool dignified wife who unlike her husband, is more forthcoming in her fight and knows the importance of publicity to help her win the case. She therefore fully cooperates with the LIFE photographer and journalist.
A fine film essaying courage ,commitment, hope and determination of an ordinary couple who want their right to live as a family.

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