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The Man Who Knew Infinity

The Man Who Knew Infinity

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Directed by : Matthew Brown

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What does it take to prove the impossible? Based on the true story of a limitless mind.


“Laced with interesting episodes from the past, this one makes for a good watch!”

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A savant who loses a bigger battle!

Rated 3.0 / 5
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A man who loved form, who saw patterns, who arrived at formula claiming he got them from his goddess. A man who had to leave his own shores to a far off land to encounter what he was truly capable of. A man who understood maths but not how to ask for help in a foreign land. That is the fascinating person we are introduced to. He doesn't see any point in a formula that doesn't represent god and ends up making an unlikely partnership with Professor Hardy at Cambridge who could recognise his genius. Based on Robert Kanigel's book, the movie tells us about the genius of Ramanujan who finally gets a chance to get published and share his gifts. His stay at Cambridge overlaps with World War I. As a sub-plot is his love for his wife Janaki, played by the charming Devika Bhise. Unfortunately, his own mother plays spoilsport to their love story in many ways.

The movie is not a bore. It is fascinating because of the story of a genius. Dev Patel portrays the genius well. Ramanujan's health starts deteriorating in a country whose climate or food habits doesn't suit him well. This is where the audience is left frustrated. Clearly, Ramanujan is too obstinate to ask Hardy for help - food and health are things he wouldn't be denied. Hardy is shown as a likable man and yet, in real life the relationship between Ramanujan and him wasn't adorable to start with. Hardy had utmost respect for Ramanujan but he wasn't clearly all about warming up as he puts Ramanujan through the formal rigours needed for someone as gifted as him, so he can prove his own findings.

In the end, if there is a takeaway from the movie, it is that Ramanujan's death was avoidable, and it was his shyness to ask for help in a foreign country, where he was subjected to quite a lot of racism hastened the deterioration of his health. The movie had some lovely characters like Professor Hardy and Littlewood, two eminent professors at Cambridge and Ramanujan himself. However, Matt Brown doesn't do justice with all the anecdotes he had at his disposal or about the pangs of love between an estranged couple. In the end, while the movie is perfectly watchable, it didn't attain the greatness an Imitation Game did, purely for the way a genius was portrayed.

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