Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

3.3 162 Ratings

Directed by : Justin Chadwick

Release Date : | Length : 141 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 2.8/5
  • MJ Rating 3.0/5
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Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom is based on South African President Nelson Mandela’s autobiography of the same name, which chronicles his early life, coming of age, education and 27 years in prison before becoming President and working to rebuild the country’s once segregated society.


“An inspirational biopic about the life of Nelson Mandela with an impressive performance by Idris Elba. Crisper execution and an insightful script would have done wonders but Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom is worth a watch.”

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Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom: Movie Review

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There's something Nelson Mandela (played by Idris Elba) says towards the end Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom that really does hit you: "What they have done to my wife is their only victory over me." It is an intriguing aspect of this biopic, the relationship between Nelson Mandela and his wife Winnie, who ends up being a leader more of the fiery kind as opposed to her husband's poised rationality. But we never get the sense of her transformation into what she ends up being, and it's a pity that when it comes to the most compelling part of the picture, the movie does little but skim the surface. The remaining portions involving Nelson Mandela's struggle are as superficial but done with conviction, and Idris Elba's delivers an assured performance, but haven't we seen it all before?