Men in Black 3 (3D)

Men in Black 3 (3D)

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Directed by : Barry Sonnenfeld

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  • Critics Rating 2.9/5
  • MJ Rating 2.6/5
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In the third installment of Men in Black, an evil alien master criminal transports himself back in time to kill his nemesis Agent K, dramatically altering the course of future events.


“Apart from the spectacular Tommy Lee Jones impressions from Brolin and a few engaging action scenes, the movie is an average one time watch.”

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Will Smith

Men in Black 3 (3D) Audience Review

of Guns, Aliens & Randomness

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Its been 10 years since the last MIB released and its not that we were craving for one anytime soon, nevertheless the new instalment has Agent Jay & Agent Kay back in action, this time with a sinister adversary at hand.

The film begins with Boris the Animal(Jermaine Clement) tearing through a prison on Moon, finishing whatever comes in his way. He then travels back in time to finish Agent K(Tommy Lee Jones) for taking away his hand. This changes the order on earth and puts it in danger. To save his partner & the world at large, Agent K(Will Smith) must travel back to 1969 and make sure he doesnt let his partner go down.

Once back in time, he has to convince his partner of who he is and what his mission is. The sequences leading up to them becoming a duo again are a hoot.

As the story takes place in the 60s, its great fun to see the setup &
especially the play on Smith being a black man in America then. There are some fun action moments and genuinely hilarious sequences, mostly involving the camaraderie between the 2 agents.

Ofcourse as is with all big budget 3D films, this too tries to bring in its fair share of guns, aliens & mayhem, but falls short on the entertainment quotient.

Will Smith plays his role with his casual charismatic non-chalance & is an absolute joy to watch. Tommy Lee Jones is badass as usual & Josh Brolin pulls off a great impression as the young TLJ. Though personally, I would have preferred some more of TLJ as he & Smith have great chemistry & a fantastic banter going.

ts certain that the studio will make big bucks of this venture even though it isnt the best. While it doesnt quite wow you, its a good Sunday evening watch with equal dosage of funny & random with a dash of action & tomfoolery.