Mother's Day

Mother's Day

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Directed by : Gary Marshall

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Intertwining stories revolve around a television host (Julia Roberts), a divorcee (Jennifer Aniston) looking for love and a woman (Kate Hudson) who wants to strengthen her relationship with her mother.


“For an assembly of a star cast as rich as this, Mother's Day disappoints big time!”

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Kate Hudson

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A partly edible bland assortment

| by Raja Satish |
Rated 2.0 / 5
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Director Gary Marshall has this rare distinction of spilling sitcom-like humor and framings in all his films. Be it for good or bad, it worked out most of the times. But Mother's Day goes haywire after getting into that not-so-safe holiday mode. The characters who are devoid of their love life and replete with troubles venture into something extraordinary to end up as ordinary dimwits. To make things interesting, these are played by well-known faces in the industry such as Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis.

Mother's Day is a simple story of few people that revolves around bringing the festivities on that day. Like the caravan in the film, this movie hovers on the middle path of being safe and comical but gets into the troubled zone quite often. It's not that exciting and not that disappointing, but just an amateurish effort of playing the cards with stars with very little dough available in the writing department.

The cast didn't face any acting challenges as most of their expressions and emotions are stoic. There are no real story arcs until the end where everyone sits tight to press the emotional button. However, that's so artificial that you might have predicted it at the beginning. Of course, a similar case of geometry where the straight lines have to culminate in an end point and also make the audiences weep for the characters and their wasted time and money.