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Norm of the North

Norm of the North

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Directed by : Trevor Wall

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  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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Norm the Polar Bear (Rob Schneider) does not know how to hunt, but he does possess the unique ability to talk to humans. When the wealthy Mr. Greene (Ken Jeong) unveils his idea to build luxury houses in the Arctic, Norm realizes that his beloved home is in jeopardy. Accompanied by three mischievous lemmings, Norm stows away ...more


“Take your kids out for this, only if they do not have anything better to do.”

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Norm of the North Review- Slighty tepid for an Arctic bear

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Norm of the North is a rather tepid animation movie about a Polar bear, Norm who tries to save his Arctic home from a land shark who wants to sell condo homes there to the wealthy.

Norm has the ability to speak in English and lands up in New York with some lemmings to expose the wily builder and make people aware of the dangers of populating the Arctic. He is helped by a super intelligent young girl whose mother works for the builder. They almost manage to get the better of the builder before being hit by various obstacles, which they overcome and finally achieve their goal.

I took two 9 year olds to see the movie and we all agreed that the movie lacked in dramatic action. There were fights and conflicts but as my daughter put it "The evil didn't really take over and the good didn't have to fight hard to get it all back in order." Also, there were some serious gaps in the editing which made you take jumps in logic that didn't make much sense. Kids need to see evil and good clearly in movies to send strong messages. Bribes and corruption don't strike as hard as someone hanging off a cliff for instance.

The animation is quite well done and the lemmings are the movie savers with their cute antics. Kids will like them.

There aren't too many kids movies and you won't lose much by taking them to see this one. It is nowhere as good as Zootopia but as a plan to keep them occupied for two hours it will do.

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