Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3

3.2 214 Ratings

Directed by : Ariel Schulman , Henry Joost

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Two sisters, Katie and Kristi befriend an entity who is invisible and resides in their room.


“Prequel to the first two parts, Paranormal Activity 3 comes with an interesting storyline presented in an intriguing manner. But a half baked script and scarcity of chills restrict it to a one-time-watch.”

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Katie Featherston


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Paranormal Activity 3 Audience Review

A much needed Prequel

Rated 3.0 / 5

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First two Paranormal Activity, low-budget horror movies with lots of creepy noises, creaks, squeaks of the house at night being video-taped being presented as a gimmicky documentary type of footage was a clever move to satisfy audiences and keep them wanting for more.

Paranormal Activity 3, which is a prequel as takes us back in 1980 when the two sisters in first two series were kids. This part contains same spooky moments with no conclusion coming in the end but what surprises is the fact that how it creates an aura and makes viewers glued to their seats. This time we have Henry Joost and Arial Schulman, known for their documentary Catfish, at the steering. Movie goes through same road where weird stuff happens in a house and the family video-tapes themselves to capture some proofs but this one looks renewed and more energetic than the last two.

This part centres both the sisters and answers many unanswered questions that floated all over the series. Though soon we will find Paranormal Activity Trilogy in DVDs but the fun in watching this one in theatres with strangers next to you is something different. I will not say that this part is the one with the best horrific moments but yes its the most aspiring one. Film-makers have played well with the camera and used old-fashioned tips and tricks to give audience a feel of 1980s.

Footer: Do go with your friends to enjoy this spooky film, which is undoubtedly a onetime watch.