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Piranha 3DD

Piranha 3DD

3.0 720 Ratings

Directed by : John Gulager

Release Date : | Length : 83 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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The bloodthirsty piranhas are back! They've crept into a newly opened water-park and they're not going to stop till they've had their fill.


“Lacking double the action and terror, with limited 'double D's', Piranha 3DD is at best a weekend DVD watch!”

Piranha 3DD Credit & Casting

Danielle Panabaker

Piranha 3DD Audience Review

Piranha 3DD one D is silent

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Piranha 3DD one D is silent

Yes one D is silent because it promised double the terror, double the fun and double the Ds but didnt deliver on all three counts. Partly because the censor board got inspired by the Piranhas and chomped of a scene that involves a piranha coming out of a vagina and biting off a penis. There is nothing to ogle at except two shots of big breasted women running in slow mo towards the camera.

This one is a sequel to the mildly entertaining piranha 3D (2010) in which piranhas attacked Lake Victoria. The title of my review of that one was Phir mat aana but they ignored me and now they are back in Double D. This time the family packs of flesh eating piranhas attack a newly opened water park. But, most of the film is a build up to the attack.

There are films that you watch with a couple of friends on a Sunday afternoon over a couple of beers and forget it. This is one of those films. If theatres started serving beers the double D would make sense when you watch it slightly tipsy.

David Hasselhoff is the only known face I could recognize who makes a wonderful parody of himself. A few scenes do give you the thrills but mostly the film works as a comic spoof of itself. The humor is so listless that it fails on that front too. Ving Rhames makes a comeback from Piranha 3D in a role that reminded me of Govinda from Deewana Mastana. Remember I am fine, I am ok, I am feeling better?. Yes Ving Rhames was doing something similar here.

Word of mouth No Sex and No Gore is equal to No Fun.

Rating 2.5 (Average)

Ticket Meter Worth 100/- bucks.

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