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Directed by : Nimrod Antal

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  • MJ Rating 2.1/5
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A group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators.

Predators Audience Review

Predator-Kill me before the movie does. Please!

| by Smita Vyas Kumar |
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There are only two expressions in Predators. The first is a look of watchful alertness as the captives roam the jungle waving crazy looking guns around looking for the enemy. The other is a wide eyed wondering look when they spot something new that possible could be the predator and turns out to be some stomach turning thing like a man eaten by maggots.

In order for Predators to have any impact on you at all make sure you watch it on a big screen. I saw it on a tiny screen in a multiplex that only made the predators look like the Transformer toys that you get free with Gems and you see the pandas playing with in the ads.

The story has a bunch of 8 convicts murderers etc, including a mandatory women air dropped onto a planet as a hunting prey for the creatures who own that game reserve. This could have led to some interesting chases or mind games where the hunted try to outwit the predators and plan some strategy. What you get is just mindless shooting at animals that are a cross between a dog and a dragon and some yucky killing of the creatures with green blood. Ugh.

You know from the start who are the people going to be left in the end but it takes an awful long time to kill the others.

I dont know whom this movie is meant for. Adults? definitely not. 14 year old? They get a bigger kick from playing more realistic game on their Playstations. In short, dont bother wasting your time or your popcorn over this one.