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Directed by : Nimrod Antal

Release Date : | Length : 107 Minutes

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A group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators.

Predators Audience Review


Rated 3.0 / 5
by Yusuf Poonawala (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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When one hears the name Predator, the image of the unbeatable, untouchable Arnie in a buzz cut, hits you first!. That, is the only image of Predator that I have wanted to remember. The Danny Glover, sequel did not leave a very good taste in the mouth and I am not even giving the AVP series any respect by clubbing them with Arnies Predator.

So, will go with the way this movie was envisaged by Robert Rodriguez way back in 1994, as a sequel to the original Predator.

The movie sets off with Royce (Adrian Brody, looking good) falling from the sky, waking up during his fall, desperately trying to open his parachute. He lands amidst a dense jungle, heavily armed. Whilst trying to explore his surroundings, he meets the rest of the gang.

Once they all realise that they all have been given the same royal welcome, they rescue Edwin (Topher Grace), a doctor, hanging upside down by his parachute. They soon realise that each and every one of them, besides Edwin, is a killer in their own right. Be it the drug cartel enforcer Cuchillo(Danny Trejo), Spetsnaz soldier, Nikolai(Oleg Taktarov), IDF sniper Isabelle(Alice Braga), Revolutionary United Front officer, Mombassa (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali), death row inmate Stans (Walton Goggins), Yakuza assassin Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Changchien), or Royce himself, a former black operations solder and a mercenary. No one quite understands why is a doctor amidst them?

Soon, the group realises that they are neither in a jungle, nor on their own planet! After being chased by a group of quadrepedal alien beasts, who get recalled by some form of a whistle, they assume that they are in a game reserve, with the alien beasts as the hunting dogs, some unknown entity, who is the hunter, and the humans as the prey!

What follows, is something that each and every person who has gone to see this movie knows very well. The hunters are a type of Alien beasts, Predators, as they are disclosed to us. These intelligent, well armed hideous beasts, attack the group, killing off their members one by one. In, one such stick-up, the group chances upon Noland (Laurence Fishburne, very impressive cameo), an air assault soldier, who has survived many seasons on the game reserve, by scavenging. Noland explains the rules of the game to the group, about the different types of Predators on the reserve and how the stronger ones, hunt the weaker ones along with the humans.

This, ladies and gentleman, is Nimrd Antal directed, Robert Rodriguez produced PREDATORS. Like every Rodriguez movie, that we have liked and begun to love, this movie, despite of having an all star cast, $40million budget, impressive camera work and some well choreographed fights, still has that B grade streak in it. No amount of bullets, blood and bodies can ever be enough in a Rodriguez movie. What the movie lacks, is a tight script. Unlike John McTiernans Predator, wherein the group of joint task force soldiers come to Gautemala on a rescue mission, only to realise it was a cover up, Rodriguezs Predators lacks that aspect. It is a simple one point agenda, which needed more layers in terms of the individual characterisations. It is only through the ethnicity of each actor, that their characters come across. There was a lot that could have been played on the fact, which is subtly shown in the film, that there is actually a pun on the title. The alien being the first predator hunting humans, both all 8 of them are predators in their own right.

The action is very good, as in all Rodriguezs movies. Special mention to the encounter between Hanzo with his katana and the Predator, choreographed in typical Japanese style. Likewise, the climax battle between the Master Predator and Royce is great due to its pure grit. If you are in a Rodriguez movie, you will get your hands dirty!

The soundtrack by John Debney, with Silvestris original theme is well used by Antal.

In terms of performances, Brody does justice to the character of Royce. Alice Braga will be happy after this hit,(coming long after I Am Legend). Topher Grace is a revelation as the mysterious doctor Edwin. Following up on Spiderman 3, he could well be on his way to be the new bad man in L.A. Fishburne adds fear in his character, and although only a cameo, does carry the movie forward to its logical end.

The movie is not a bore, let me tell you that. It is anything but that. I just wish it had been a little bit more racy in terms of the editing. It assumes that all its viewers have seen the first Predator and hence uses quite a few references and one liners from the original. And there will be a sequel to this one too.

Go see it, with enough popcorn and a drink of your choice.

Does it have the Y Factor : Yes

Rating : 6/10

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