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Premium Rush

Premium Rush

3.2 272 Ratings

Directed by : David Koepp

Release Date : | Length : 91 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.2/5
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The film centers on a New York City bicycle messenger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who picks up an envelope from Columbia University. A dirty cop (Michael Shannon), desperate to get his hands on the envelope, chases the bicycle messenger around the city.


“Though slightly one-dimentional in it's storyline, good performances and the adrenalin filled action keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. Go for it!”

Premium Rush Credit & Casting

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Premium Rush Audience Review

Quite a Ride

Rated 3.0 / 5

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The highlight of 'Premium Rush' has to be the skilfully executed scenes of Joseph-Gordon Levitt's bike weaving in and out of rush-hour traffic in New York city. Those scenes of organise mayhem percolated by a delicious layer of tension pad up the otherwise less than convincing plot of the film.

Wilee (Joseph-Gordon Levitt) is bicycle courier in New York city, he's just one of the many others like him working on a minimum budget, taking numerous adrenaline soaked risks in delivering packages across the city. On one of his usual runs he encounters a crooked cop, Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon) who desperately wants the package Wilee holds to pay off his gambling debts. Thus begins the game of cat and mouse between the two which spans across the city of New York and involves many a hair-raising chase sequences.

Michael Shannon's Bobby Monday makes for a compelling villain, darkly-comic and desperate thus make him utterly believable. The way Shannon plays him only adds to the overall impact. Levitt on the other hand is lesser in his element compared to the rest of the movies of his this year, primarily since his character has little in terms of layers.

The movie's highlight are easily the chase sequences augmented by 3D maps of New York city showing routes and inducing adrenaline pumping moments of madness. Michael Shannon too is perfectly in his element, if only the writing had been stronger, things would have worked out perfectly.

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