Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

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Directed by : Catherine Hardwicke

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Valerie is in love with a brooding outsider Peter and they are planning to run away as her parents want her to marry the wealthy Henry. They learn that Valerie's older sister has been killed by the werewolf, who gets a monthly animal sacrifice by the people as a part the truce. When wolf kills a human, people hungry for reven...more


“Visually stunning but low on thrills, chills and storytelling.”

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Amanda Seyfried

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Red Riding Hood

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Rated 3.0 / 5
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A twist on the classic story this movie has a fairytale feel to it given that it is set in a village in a snowy place with fir trees and spires. The setting is perfect to enthrall you. The heroine also gets a red cape with a hood to complete the fantasy feel.

The story is about a village that is plagued by a werewolf for years and who now wants only one girl from the village (And we know because it tells the girl that). Now she is in love with a poor wood cutter but is engaged to a rich guy and then they both try to save her. There is some stuff about religion and witch craft. The thing is that the werewolf actually has a human shape but becomes a werewolf on the nights of the blood moon (dont ask, its a fairytale. ). So the rest of the movie is about sorting the triangle and finding out who the werewolf is.

I think maybe kids in the age groups of 8-12 might enjoy this movie. There are some bits that could scare kidsthat age. But then there is a sort of lovemaking scene in it that will need eye covering by parents.

I quite liked the movie. A fairytale by virtue of its nature allows your mind to accept the goings on quite easily. The acting was not the best but Amanda Seyfried as Red Riding Hood looks beautiful and the woodcutter boyfriend (Shiloh Fernandez) looks intense. Even the fianc played by Max Irons is kind of endearing and thats all we need from our fairy tale characters to be young, beautiful and innocent or old and wicked. The red herrings are easy to spot but even then you keep guessing the identity of the werewolf.

Though I enjoyed the movie while watching it, it is the after-the- movie part where you start wondering whether it was time well spent that bothers me. Its not a teen romance like Twilight but its not Tangled either. Falling in between the lines like that, a movie cant get anywhere much. It has everything a good fairy tale should have-scares, romance, good, evil but it does not go full throttle at any of these parts. As a child when the last page was turned you went off into the world you were reading about and imagined yourself there. This movie almost does not do that for you. It's too tame and does not live up to the scenery.