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3.1 114 Ratings

Directed by : Robert Schwentke

Release Date : | Length : 111 Minutes

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Frank, Joe, Marvin and Victoria used to be the CIAs top agents but the secrets they know just made them the Agencys top targets. Now framed for assassination, they must use all of their collective cunning, experience and teamwork to stay one step ahead of their deadly pursuers and stay alive. To stop the operation, the team ...more


“A disappointing show, by a fantastic cast. A one time watch.”

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average affair

Rated 3.0 / 5

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All the oldies coming together to fight against the evil does seem like an interesting concept. To start off RED seems to be very interesting but the pace kind of dips after the initial kick off. The length of the movie plays a very important role especially in flicks like these. Instead of a running time of close to two hours, it would have helped if the movie was a little shorter.

Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is a retired black ops CIA agent. He flirts on the phone with a customer service agent, Sarah Ross, in his quite serene retired life. Out of the blue, he is attacked by a group of armed men. He manages to escape the attack due to his sheer resilience. He flees to Kansas to let Sarah know who he is and take her with him. Frank goes to his mentor Joe (Morgan Freeman) who lets him know about a reporter who also died in similar fashion. Frank starts his investigating adventure with Sarah and 3 other agents Marvin, Ivan and Victoria and unearths a conspiracy of tremendous proportions.

Acting wise Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman live up to their names. Mary Louise Parker was a surprise package for me. She was a bundle of energy. John Malkovich as Marvin hammed a little and Helen Mirren as Victoria was charming.

The film is loosely based on the DC comics version. Writers Jon and Erich Hoeber could have made the screenplay a little tighter to make the film's pace a little quicker. Director Robert Schwentke does a decent job in handling the subject and brings out good performances from the cast.

Overall neither good movie nor bad.

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