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Directed by : Robert Schwentke

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Two cops dispatched by the otherworldly Rest In Peace Department to protect and serve the living from an increasingly destructive array of souls who refuse to move peacefully to the other side.


“R.I.P.D is entertaining in parts with a convincing performance by Jeff Bridges brought down by a formulaic plot and poor comedy.”

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Ryan Reynolds

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Let this one rest in peace

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Plot: Ryan Reynolds dies and lands up at rest in peace department better known as R.I.P.D. he gets a new partner in Jeff Bridges and is sent back to Boston to find dead souls in the shape of monsters ala men in black. Once there the duo stumbles upon an apocalypse situation which they have to stop. There is also a sub plot about Ryan Reynold's best friend and partner Kevin Beacon and his evil plans that later on fits in with the larger scheme of things.

Review : Robert Schwentke who has Directed Red and Flight Plan visualizes scenes with aplomb and even the visual effects are clean and well done but the script is boring to the extent that it doesn't play on the interesting concept it had. Though the concept sounds similar to men in black there was lot that the director could have done. He gets into plot mode halfway and does not even have fun with the monsters. To add to that Jeff Bridges with his weird accent is plain annoying and wasted. The camaraderie between him and Ryan Reynolds is listless. At least if the writers would have developed the characters well it would have been fun to watch just for the actors. The climax action sequence is so underwhelming that at one point you just wait for it to get done with it. Having seen so much of destruction in the recent superhero films to see another city being destroyed is plain boring. Even the ploy of R.I.P.D officer having an avatar back on earth is not used well. There were a lot of elements going for this film to be turned into a fun ride but it ends up as a wasted opportunity.

Word of mouth - let this department rest in peace.

Rating - ** ½ (Unexceptional)

Ticket Meter - not worth it

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