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The Shallows

The Shallows

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Directed by : Jaume Collet-Serra

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Still reeling from the loss of her mother, medical student Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) travels to a secluded beach for some much-needed solace. Despite the danger of surfing alone, Nancy decides to soak up the sun and hit the waves. Suddenly, a great white shark attacks, forcing her to swim to a giant rock for safety. Left inj...more

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Rated 3.5 / 5
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The Shallows is a slickly executed, no-nonsense survival movie which is taken to the near the top of its genre by Blake Lively's excellent performance. The Shallows doesn't step too far outside its genre, which only makes it better. Featuring some beautiful cinematography, one can truly feel that paradise turn into menace, and almost feel dread at what may come next.

Nancy is a med student who's mourning her mother's death. In a bid to get some closure, she decides to visit her mother's favorite place in the world, a sunny beach in mexico. She's not here just to sit on the beach though; As an excellent surfer, she intends to ride the waves to her heart's content. An extremely aggressive shark has other plans though, and forces her to to beach on an island some ways of the shore. With the shark circling about, swimming there isn't an option and the looming bad weather will only make things worse. She has to figure a way back to shore. And Fast.

The Shallows has a fairly straightforward plot, but it works rather well. That's mainly due to the likeability of Blake Lively's character. The excellent background score and cinematography only complete the experience. The Shallows is definitely worth a watch and will not disappoint.

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