Shark Night (3D)

Shark Night (3D)

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Directed by : David R. Ellis

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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When Sara and her friends arrive at her familys Louisiana lake house, they quickly strip down to their swimsuits for a weekend of sexy fun in the sun. But they soon discover the lake is infested with hundreds of flesh-eating sharks and a few equally dangerous human predators that turn their killer vacation into a bone-crunc...more


“The storyline is cliché with average special and 3D effects. Skip this one!”

Shark Night (3D) Credit & Casting

Sara Paxton


Shark Night (3D) Audience Review

Shark Berate!

Rated 1.5 / 5

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David R. Ellis was the man responsible for the atrocious Snakes on a Plane and he returns with yet another monster feature that promises little and delivers even less.

Seven students take a trip down to the countryside for a fun filled weekend only to get embroiled with a bunch of hicks who get a kick out of recording people getting devoured by sharks in a quiet lake. So one by one the group gets bitten and eaten by sharks in not-so-glorious 3D.

The movie might have multiple sharks and many engineered close-calls but they dont translate to a fun on screen. Even the usual game of Who-dies-next in a movie like this gets boring pretty quickly as the script sticks to clichs.

The shark effects though decent go into overkill mode pretty quickly with the creatures being shown in all their glory right off the hook. The 3D neither helps nor hampers the ongoing elements so is utterly unnecessary.

Id compare the movie more to Piranha 3D than Jaws and youd be better off renting either one of those than this unappealing seafood shark platter.