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Spanish Beauty / A Beautiful Wife

Spanish Beauty / A Beautiful Wife

3.3 196 Ratings

Directed by : Ricardo De Montreuil

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  • MJ Rating 2.3/5
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Soniya feels her relationship with with Ishaan has lost its spark and has an affair with Rohan, Ishaans friend.


“Even Mori's smile cannot save this movie. A definite miss!”

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Christian Meier

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Beauty Without Brains!

Rated 1.5 / 5

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Barbara Mori's Indian looks seems to be the only reason behind as to why this film was even made. The logic behind this movie seems to be the only anticipation that people get to see beautiful smile of Barbara Mori once again on the big screen. Cashing in on her beautiful looks is the only respite the director is going to get when the movie has no story, no caste to actually caste and no hopes to get its cost back.

This Indian version of Spanish film titled La Mujer de mi Hermano which was released in 2005. The only connection seems to be a little bit of cultural similarity that both of these cultures seem to share. May be the leading lady needs to work on selecting good scripts rather than concentrating on her beauty as the expressions seem to be bland.

Character of Sonia played by Barbara Mori is a sexy looking wife with a pet husband with rather bizarre behavior. With clothes looking like night-wear and dumping every single gift given by her husbands Barbara Mori seems to be out of place and character. And when a married woman faces a situation of only Saturdays passionate nights, its tough not to get hopes high on the artist brother-in-law, Rohan played by Manolo Cardona. A best friend and rebellious in nature, even the husband seems not to mind the promiscuity that his wife shares with his friend and when the wife delivers a child that resembles not him but his best friend, our ultra modern thinking husband seems to have no problems at all.

Hindi songs that have no place what so ever during the movie surely makes the best misfit. Just think hearing Doori in background when Sonia is lying expressionless on her bed make no sense at all. The climax turns out to be when the husband comes out of closet with his secret.

Footer: Absolutely absurd! There is no reason that one should go for this movie when we have releases like 'Secretariat' and 'Unstoppable' lined up.

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