Step Up All In

Step Up All In

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Directed by : Trish Sie

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In the next exciting chapter of the international phenomenon "Step Up," all-stars from previous installments come together in glittering Las Vegas, battling for a victory that could define their dreams and their careers.


“Step Up: All In has its ups (incredible dance scenes) and downs (plot? what plot?) but if you're a loyal fan of this franchise, you might as well go 'all in' and watch the final installment. ”

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Ryan Guzman


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Go for the Dances

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Yet another dancing flick, yet another entry into this redundant franchise that needs to be put on the chopping block right away. I wonder if people are really interested in paying large sums of money just to watch elaborate song and dance sequences choreographed to perfection, wait we already do that in Bollywood. But judging from this one's box-office earnings in the U.S. I doubt anyone cares for the franchise out there.

The plot is pure tosh, just an excuse to line up a bunch of dancers and watch them go crazy. The setting is Las Vegas and yet another competition and more romantic shenanigans follow. The usual plot elements are just remixed to create an unappetising and very familiar movie that you might not even be able to differentiate from its last two entries into the series. However the catch here is that many of the stars from the previous movies are here competing against each other, which for fans of the series would be a real treat.

As long as the dancers are on screen things are watchable and you are moderately distracted but the moment the movie attempts to shoehorn a plot into the proceedings, you'd want to take a pee break. Some of the sequences contain mindblowing choreography but honestly could have done with more originality and some different music at times. It tends to get a little repetitive at times.

Ryan Guzman looks great and dances well but can't act to save his life and the same can be said of the other cast members. If only they could pick better actors rather who can also shake a leg then things might work out better.

Fans of the original will love the dances and ignore the plot while the rest would likely be bored within the first half hour.

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