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Directed by : Simon West

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A former thief frantically searches for his missing daughter, who has been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a taxi.


“Poorly written and shoddily executed action thriller. Nicolas Cage disappoints. Skip it”

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Nicolas Cage

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Sterotypical Hollywood Crap

Rated 2.0 / 5

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When I first saw the promos of Stolen, it looked like a cheap ripoff of Taken (Liam Neeson), so when I went in for it, I wasn't expecting a cinematic masterpiece either. But what came of it was 90 odd minutes of poorly written & shoddily executed Hollywood crap disguised as an action-thriller.

Will Montgomery(Cage) & his partner Vincent stage a bank job which goes all wrong. In typical cliched style, Will chooses to do the right thing & thereby gets arrested as well. When he comes out years later, he looks for his daughter only to realize that his old partner in crime-turned foe has kidnapped her. He now wants the booty which Will has already burnt. How he plans a new heist & saves his daughter is what the balance of the film is about.

For a film with such a modest runtime to not keep you engrossed is a major letdown. The film looks really good but that's about it.After having recently seen Cage do superb stuff like Kick-Ass & Bad Lieutenant, this just makes him look really bad. Its unfortunate that Hollywood churns out films like this week after week & they get more audience than limited releases like the Classic 'Hugo'.

With the biggies releasing on Diwali, skipping this one is advisable. Watching Skyfall if you haven';t yet is strongly recommended.

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