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Directed by : Nicholas Stoller

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Storks is an a 3D animated comedy film directed by Nicholas Stoller & Doug Sweetland and written by Stoller, based on his own idea and developed by Warner Bros. Animation under the Warner Animation Group banner.

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Rated 1.0 / 5
by Rahul Deo Bharadwaj (2,390 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Over the years. To put it modestly. The most phenomenal work in Hollywood has been delivered by its animation movie makers. The Lion King ,Finding Nemo , Toy Story, Brother Bear, Big Hero 6 to name a few. These movies have had such rich emotional concept and plot ideas that I call them movies for kids which have the capability to impact the adults even more. Therefore each time I watch a new animation effort from Hollywood my expectations remain high . This is where Storks fails.

It had a great plot idea. An orphan who grows up with storks a boss who does not believe in emotions but pure business profits. A good at heart assistant who is torn between selfishness and goodness. A kid who longs for attention from ambitious successful parents.Somewhere the writer and the director have not been able to connect the dots and build a flowing narrative.

Storks has its moments. Some moments of chemistry between the young baby girl and the stork in particular. Some moments of humour , especially with the gang of wolfs who can form some exiting shapes by joining together. But blame it on those genius guys at Pixar and Disney that we actually expect much more from animation from Hollywood.

Storks in that sense falls flat completely. Imagine the lack of anything entertaining in the plot to such an extent that a 100 minute movie looks like a big boring drag.

Guess the only star I can give to this one is because of the hard work the animation team has put in to create some good animation.

Storks is , politely put, disappointing.

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