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Street Dance 2

Street Dance 2

3.3 256 Ratings

Directed by : Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini

Release Date : | Length : 85 Minutes

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To beat the best team in the world, Ash, a street dancer, and his new friend Eddie set off in search of the best dancers in Europe. Traversing the country, the team is enriched with personalities and styles, when Ash meets a sublime salsa dancer, Eva, in Paris and his project takes on yet another dimension. Overcome with pass...more


“While the dancing is super, the forced romance and a predictable storyline are further spoiled by expressionless acting. Not even worth watching in 2D leave alone 3D. Skip it!”

Street Dance 2 Credit & Casting

Sofia Boutella


Street Dance 2 Audience Review

Sadak Chhap

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Some time back I had read an article about a group of B boying girls and boys who live in the outskirts of Mumbai in a place called Mira Road. The article had enough masala for a Bollywood dance movie. Bollywood had some cool dance movies in the 80s like Dance Dance(1987) and Disco Dancer (1982) both directed by B. Subhash and starred Mithun Chakraborthy but now we make Chance pe Dance and Hollywood makes Step Up and Street Dance.

Ash (Falk Hentschel) and Eddie( George Sampson) travel all over Europe to get together a bunch of street dancer for a grand final showdown with the Invincibles. Their last find is Eva (Sofia Boutella) a Latin dancer who works/dances at her uncle Manus (Tom Conti) bar.

Filled with all the possible clichs and a forced love track between Ash and Eva Street Dance 2 is fun only if you are a dance freak who will pay to watch something which is easily seen on t.v and the net. You can second guess every next move in the story and also some of the dialogues. Everything in the movie is just an excuse to show off one dancing video after another. Thankfully it runs less than 90 minutes and ends up quite an average watch if not a bad one. Sofia Boutella is the only eye candy worth watching and Falk Hentschel is a bad choice to be paired with her. He is the lead and is not even a good dancer. If Jiah Khan could dance she would make a good Eva. I guess the first one worked for some people thats why this sequel but if you dont have a good story to integrate with all the dancing why make a movie? Make music videos, make dance shows but why a movie?

P.S. thank god I saw a 2D version of it.

Word of mouth the dance is good but the street is filled with road blocks. Watch this instead


Rating - ** (Below Average)

Ticket meter worth 50 bucks.

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