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Tarzan 3D

Tarzan 3D

3.1 1,012 Ratings

Directed by : Reinhard Klooss

Release Date : | Length : 94 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.7/5
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On an expedition in the remote African jungle, John Greystoke and his wife are killed in a helicopter crash while investigating a mysterious meteorite site. Only their young son J.J., nicknamed Tarzan, survives. A group of gorillas discovers the boy in the wreckage and takes him in as their own. Tarzan grows up learning the h...more


“Tarzan 3D is a sloppy depiction of a timeless tale. The animation is outdated and the narrative is uninspired. Watch the Disney classic instead!”

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Kellan Lutz

Tarzan 3D Audience Review

Boring Dull insipid

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Tarzan was one of my favorite characters as i grew up in the 90's. His antics, his muscles, his chest thumping howl, the life in the jungle- everything about him was aweinspiring. Tarzan circa 2014, in 3D is anything but that. A Limp listless story and some really shoddy animation make this one an utterly insipid version of the fable like character.

To the maker's credit, there is an attempt to contemporarize Tarzan- he enters the jungle in modern times with scientist parents who have found a meteorite that can produce electricity. He gets left behind, to be raised by gorrillas, and later meets Jane as an adult who makes him understand his human origins. There is a villain as well, who now runs Tarzan's parents company and wants the meteorite back, well obviously, for world dominion.

While setting in a new age could have worked, what lets one down is the old world animation in place. Ever sketch lacks detailing or life, is made for the sake of it and just does not add anything to the story. Gorrillas alone impress, but then how long can they hold fort when Tarzan himself looks like he is suffering from acute malnutrition? The film is meant to be a mix of performance capture and animation- both fail big time here for sure.

Then there is the really listless voice acting on display. That the lines were weak as it is wasnt enough, for a bunch of really amateur sounding voice actors give voice to a narrative that begins too slow and ends in a tearing hurry rarely making any sense.

The really really tiny kids in the hall were having fun as Tarzan went form branch to branch in 3D. That is about it. There is nothing more to be enjoyed in thie version. I longed to go back to the Disney's version which though not in 3D was atleast full of life. Stay clear.

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