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The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy

3.1 346 Ratings

Directed by : Tony Gilroy

Release Date : | Length : 135 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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In the wake of Jason Bourne's dismemberment of Operation Blackbriar, the CIA decides to dispose of their other black ops programs, which includes the termination of their field agents. However, Aaron Cross, an agent from Operation Outcome, escapes from being executed and, with the help of an Outcome scientist, sets out to exp...more


“Jeremy Renner takes over the Bourne series but it's Weisz and Norton's acting that makes up for the lack of adrenalin in the action scenes and an otherwise mentally taxing plot. A one time watch.”

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Jeremy Renner

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Bourne Cerebral

Rated 3.0 / 5

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A Bourne movie with Jason Bourne is almost unfathomable, its like 007 movie where 006 is the protagonist. Tony Gilroy who was the writer of the earlier entries in the series however crafts an action-thriller which aims to be far more cerebral than visceral and perhaps thats the undoing of this movie which holds the Bourne tag in its title. The balance of action and exposition that the earlier movies walked so delicately in the earlier films tilts one way far too much to make this movie entertaining.

Like the promotions have stated, there was never only one and that other one is Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) whos one of the six assassins part of the Outcome program run by Col. Eric Byer (Edward Norton). The Outcome program is like Treadstone except a more refined one which sells clandestine services to various government organisations, however when Jason Bourne turns up in the New York and starts tearing Treadstone up, Byer gets cold feet. He orders all six Outcome operatives be eliminated and thats when Cross like Bourne seeks to learn the truth. Unlike Bourne, Cross knows who he is but the why matters here and thats where Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) comes in the picture. Shes been working on the psychological and physical enhancement drugs that make the Outcome agents super-human. With Cross and Shearing on the run and Byer behind them the movies a long-drawn chase that seeks answers for new questions it raises as the events of the Bourne Ultimatum happen in the background.

The movies thematic content is rich with plenty of questions about the manipulation of people by organisations who are treated as resources to be used and then discarded is poignant at times and so is the quandary faced by the surviving Outcome agents as to the drugs which make them stronger but also have them hooked. Particularly Oscar Isaacs Outcome agent is not just sympathetic but generates more than his share of thought provoking questions.

The action on the other hand is less than exciting and though the shaky-cam effect is reduced compared to Greengrass versions, it lacks a palpable sense of adrenaline. The movie does travel around the globe but nothing quite unique stands out.

Jeremy Renner is solid if not wholly charismatic while Norton easily steals the show. Rachel Weisz and Oscar Issac are the heart and soul of the proceedings but both would have done better with more screen time.

The Bourne Legacy is solid effort that is far too cerebral and long for its own good. Better action with a shorter running length would have made this a worthy addition to the Bourne saga.

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