The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

3.5 130 Ratings

Directed by : Wes Anderson

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  • Critics Rating 3.8/5
  • MJ Rating 4.3/5
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An Ernst Lubitsch-inspired comedy set in a Hungarian hotel in the late 1920's.


“Wes Anderson's, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is an absolutely hilarious yet thoughtful visual extravaganza. Don't miss this magical stay and hospitality!”

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Jude Law

The Grand Budapest Hotel Audience Review

The hotel concierge and his lobby boy

| by Madan Mohan Marwah |
Rated 4.0 / 5
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A lovely, charming and thoroughly entertaining film which is an example of superlative work in all departments of film making.

The story is about the warm relationship between a hotel concierge and his lobby boy as they find themselves in a predicament and they are on the run from the law. How they get out of their scrapes using their wits forms a major part of the film.

The setting is in a fictitious European country where quaint characters fill the canvas and the atmosphere is full of old world charm. Protocol, devotion to duty and honour play a big role as the story unfolds but not before all quirky characters are introduced to us in an interesting manner,

Director Wes Anderson has done a marvelous job and his framing of some of the shots is breath taking to say the least. The comic timing displayed by the two main characters ( Gustave and Zero) is something worth seeing. The sets,the costumes, the makeup, the dialogue and the photography have all contributed to give a beautiful end result.The film has a high entertainment quotient.

Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revalori as the concierge and lobby boy respectively have turned in fantastic performances. Supporting roles by Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Willem Defoe further embellish the film.

All told a brilliantly made film.