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Directed by : James Bobin

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The new Muppet movie (aptly titled "The Muppets") will be released Thanksgiving 2011! Starring Amy Adams, Jason Segel, Chris Cooper, and dozens of Muppets we haven't seen for years.

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First things first, Im absolutely the wrong guy to be reviewing anything related to The Muppets. I never enjoyed the Muppets as a kid, nor did my love for them blossom as I grew. Either way, duty beckons & I am forced to review something which otherwise Id leave alone. I mean come on, I know its a kids flick but does the bad guy whos an oil magnate have to go by the moniker of Tex Richman? Ok on second thought not such a bad idea maybe if the bad guy is played by Chris Cooper, you could call him daisy and hed still do a damn good job.

Simplifying the plot, Id say it involves a bunch of good humans who try and save their beloved Muppets theatre by trying raise $10 Million, so that the bad humans led by Tex Richman can be kept at bay. Thus after a lot of traveling around the globe, musical numbers, reunions, inside jokes and slapstick humor you have a conclusion that isnt one bit off from what youd expect.

The humor overall doesnt work for me, nor did I get most of the inside jokes. A few spoofs and nods to classic movie devices made me smirk or chuckle but thats about it. The musical numbers werent that great either but then again Im not a fan of musicals either, not to say that a catchy tune or a well done song hasnt converted me in the past but usually I avoid musicals when I can.

While Chris Cooper, Jason Segel & Amy Adams display some amount of enthusiasm for their parts, it seems wasted simply because The Muppets concept is pretty insular at the end of the day. If you are a fan youll get it, if you arent the movie doesnt put in much effort to convert you.

Maybe the little ones will find something to enjoy, maybe fans will find a walk down memory lane, maybe fans of musicals will enjoy the songs, unfortunately Im none of the demography mentioned above and am relegated to endure a movie that provides nothing worthy of my time.