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The Resident

The Resident

3.1 91 Ratings

Directed by : Antti Jokinen

Release Date : | Length : 91 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.5/5
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After separating from her adulterous husband, the beautiful Dr. Juliet Devereau moves to Brooklyn, NY and settles into a new life in a stunning loft apartment that seems too good to be true. Soon mysterious occurrences lead her to suspect she is not alone in her home and quickly her fears become all too real.


“The Resident has no plot, the actors fail out to reach the audience, and though the movie was marketed as a horror flick, it leaves you with zero screams. Even if you are a Hillary Swank fan, give this boring film a miss.”

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Hilary Swank


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Not even worth a rent.

Rated 0.5 / 5

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The reason for the existence of certain movies defies logic. These films have little or no plot to speak of, the actors are going through the emotions, the release rarely reaches any sort of audience, etc. They can't even be termed as failures, simply because they don't seem to give anything a shot. These simply exist in a limbo where no one cares about them honestly, unless you happen to be a critic and writing a review means some cash in you wallet; 'The Resident' is one such movie.

Juliet (Hillary Swank) has moved out on her marriage of many years because she caught her husband in their home with another woman. She finds an old building where the landlord seems more than generous in handing over a massive house with a great view for paltry rent. The landlord, Max (Jeffery Dean Morgan), who seems like an overall nice guy only seems to have another tenant in the building, his creepy grandfather August (Christopher Lee). No sooner has Juliet moved in that she finds creeping shadows in her apartment and the feeling that someone is watching her every move, particularly if she's taking a bath or in any state of undress. Slowly however she finds herself drawn to the friendly and sweet Max but the creepy happenings around the apartment seem to show no signs of subsiding. What is the origin of these creepy happenings? Honestly the only surprise was that the movie lets the cat out of the bag pretty early than expected, leaving the last act to be completely pointless.

The movie's incredibly boring even with all its attempts at making you jump with the eerie music and sounds playing all the time. The sudden attempts to create "boo" moments with crashing doors, windows and walls doesn't help either. The whole camera perspective with the "peeping tom" angle also gets redundant because of the predictability of the script. There isn't one noteworthy scary moment in the entire film.

Why a two time Academy award winner like Hillary Swank needs to do a film like this is beyond any logic. Jeffery Dean Morgan deserves better roles and Christopher Lee I'm sure makes an appearance purely on the strength of his long association with 'Hammer Films' which once upon a time was quite a force to reckon with in the genre of thrills and chills.

'The Resident' will bore the hell out of you and those who do want to watch it for Hillary Swank disrobing at regular intervals to slip into a bath tub might be better off waiting for it to arrive on DVD.

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