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The Town

The Town

3.5 132 Ratings

Directed by : Ben Affleck

Release Date : | Length : 125 Minutes

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Doug MacRay is the de facto leader of a group of ruthless bank robbers. With no attachments, Doug never has to fear losing anyone close to him. That changes on the gangs latest job, when they briefly take hostage (and let go unharmed) bank manager, Claire Keesey. A few days later she meets an unassuming and rather charming ma...more


“A must watch at all costs! Ben Affleck at his best!”

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Ben Affleck

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Affleck Baba & 4 chor

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Ben Affleck has had an interesting filmography so far. He has churned out some interesting flicks as an actor and sometimes as a director and a writer. One of my favorites was Armageddon in which Affleck played the role of an astronaut. This time around he dons 3 caps for one project, that of an actor, director and co writer. I must say he has done a pretty decent job and this is surely of his better pieces of work.

Boston, Massachusetts is notorious for the number of bank robberies that take place every year in the city. It is touted that all these professional live in a neighborhood called Charlestown. The movie begins by showing a bank robbery conducted by a team of four friends from Charlestown. Doug (Affleck) and Jem (Jeremy Renner, the bomb squad guy in The hurt locker) are at the helm of this team. During the bank robbery they take the bank manager, Claire (Rebecca Hall) as hostage to escape safely. Later on Doug follows Claire to make sure that she has not identified any of the team members but falls in love with her in the process. When Doug tries to back out of any future jobs his boss threatens to kill Claire. Doug decides to do this last job but things go wrong during the heist leading to the death of his team members and his best friend Jem.

On the acting front Ben Affleck is good but Jeremmy Rener as Jem steals the show. He is as charismatic as he was in 'The Hurt Locker'. Rebecca Hall as Claire could have been better. John Hamm as the FBI agent doesnt 'ham' and plays his part well. Blake Lively puts in a nice cameo. The rest of the cast pitch in decent performances.

Affleck delivers his best for the movie behind the camera. The movie has some tight and crisp direction. It keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat which is of utmost importance in a crime thriller. Having co written the screenplay Affleck scores some bonus points as well. The screenplay never digresses from the main topic and that is the winning point for this film.

Overall its a good movie but its something you can wait for till the DVD comes out in my personal opinion.

Die Hard Fan of action? Go For it.
Looking for paisa vasool? Wait for the DVD.
Wanna take your date to this flick? Skip it !

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