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The Warrior's Way

The Warrior's Way

2.9 184 Ratings

Directed by : Sngmoo Lee

Release Date : | Length : 100 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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The Warrior's Way is a fantasy action film about an Asian warrior assassin who's forced to hide in a small town in the American Badlands.


“If you are fan of action-packed movies, give it a try but don't go with high hopes.”

The Warrior's Way Credit & Casting

Jang Dong Gun

The Warrior's Way Audience Review

Ruthless Carnival of demented Intentions

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Debutant Director-Writer Sngmoo Lee gives a stylish piece of action movie i.e. 'The Warrior's Way'. It is a blend of merciless, cold-blooded murders, which starts with a sword and dies by it.

In the first few minutes you will be introduced to Yang (Dong-Gun) a greatest swordsman, whose clan ' the sad flutes' is at war with their rivals. Yang clears up the entire opposing clan except an infant who he takes with him and flies to a desert town in Old West to meet his friend Smiley.

Unfortunately he was not able to track down Smiley but gets in touch with travelling circus members. It is this mid-section of the movie that slows down its momentum. Something which starts as blood-thirsty classic goes straight out of the window as we reach this deserted place.

Sadly, the idea of circus people between such a rip-roaring action flick works as a disaster. Finally, the movie comes back on track in the last half an hour but by that time the viewers start looking at their watches and wait for the fight sequence to end inorder to find out the survivor.

The impact that the opening sequence left on the viewers is lost by the time the finale fight is showcased. Few sections to watch out for are ' the rain of ninjas, string work in the action sequences and starry night dance'.

'The Warrior's Way' starts on a strong note promising viewers some cut-throat action but goes shallow in its mid-sections. Though it loses its impact but undoubtedly is a stylish piece of work.

Footer: If you are fan of action-packed movies you can give it a try but don't go with very high hopes.

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