The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

3.8 696 Ratings

Directed by : Martin Scorsese

Release Date : | Length : 174 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 3.8/5
  • MJ Rating 3.8/5
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A true story based on the life of stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who was arrested in the late '90s for security fraud and money laundering. He went to prison for nearly two years.


“Funny, energetic and enigmatic but also wild and unpleasant. The Wolf of Wall Street boasts excellent filmmaking and one of Leonardo DiCaprio's best performances. Although long and repetitive, this film is a must watch.”

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Leonardo DiCaprio

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Superbly engaging drama on business greed, morality and ethics by Scorsese and DiCaprio

Rated 4.0 / 5
by Madan Mohan Marwah (4,279 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Getting together of Martin Scorsese and Leonard DiCaprio always creates great cinema and this film is no

exception. The director superbly depicts the ups and downs of a hugely ambitious stock broker Jordan Belfort ( DiCaprio) of Wall street. The film is based on the axiom that "greed is good" made famous in an earlier film on Wall street.

The plot is about a young greenhorn Jordan being tutored on the ways of Wall street by his superior (Mathew McConaughey) when he is told that it is OK to pester, manipulate and badger the client to get his money in your pocket and that it is also OK to do drugs twice a day to get over the heavy duty stress in trading.The game is to move the money form the client's pocket to yours he says and not rest till it is done.

Sure enough Jordan does exactly this, loses his job once on a black Monday but resurfaces to set up his own outfit with the help of a colleague( Jonah Hill). He continues aggressively marketing till the client succumbs to his proposal. Jordan soon gets very rich, becomes an alcoholic, gets addicted to drugs and his family life goes downhill. In course of time, due to his illegal methods in trading ,the FBI catches up with him, and after a legal tangle he goes to jail.

Director Scorsese very skilfully builds up the tempo and atmosphere of the sales and tele marketing process where morality and ethics are in question on a moment to moment basis. Impressive is the way in which the protagonist exhorts his staff to get rich at the earliest ( there is no nobility in poverty he tells them). He convinces them that 'money not only makes you happy but also makes you a better person since you can help others".

There are many extended but well done scenes like DiCaprio crawling to his car heavily handicapped due to drugs, trying to manipulate and bribe FBI officers, and his motivational lectures where he tells his staff how to close a deal through ruthless persuasion.

On the downside, the film is rather too long, in excess of 2.5 hours and there an extensive use of the F word. Probably for every 100 words of dialogue at least 30 are the F words.There are sexually explicit scenes also. As usual Scorsese will have a valid explanation for these features.

The film scores tremendously from the superb direction of Scorsese and the top class acting by DiCaprio. Both achievements are of Oscar standards. The supporting cast have all acted well. The strong screenplay and effective dialogue add to the value of the film The music and cinematography are first rate.

Our stock brokers and the tele marketers should find this film very interesting though there is a lesson for everyone on the evils of ill gotten wealth.

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