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Directed by : Tony Scott

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A railroad company frantically works to prevent an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train carrying combustible liquids and poisonous gas from wiping out a city. A veteran locomotive engineer (Denzel Washington) and a young train conductor (Chris Pine) chase the runaway train in a different locomotive in order to bring the run...more


“While most of the films derail in the 2nd half this one stays right on track. A fun watch!”

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Denzel Washington

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The turning brain.

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Hollywood really loves a come from behind victory of good over evil (metaphorically). In this case its the speeding away run away train that needs to be stopped. What baffles me is that how in the first place can a train be left on full throttle and no person to control it. Its hard to fathom such a thing ever happening.

Frank (Denzel Washington) is a veteran railroad engineer who is about to be sacked because of his age. Frank is set up to train Will (Chris Pine). During their stint, they happen to be in the path of a speeding train that is unmanned and is deemed as highly dangerous because of the toxic content that its carrying. Frank and Will both don't have much things to look up to in life and hence they go on a suicide mission to stop the train.

The pace of the movie is good and is one of its strong points. It doesn't feel like a drag at any point and is a smooth watchable experience. That said some of the action that is passed on the film is very cheesy and one cannot think up of any way that it would be possible in a real life scenario. To add to that, the movie's background score is poor and could have helped in lifting the movie's end face value a lot.

Denzel Washington is one fine actor and he is the only reason that you should watch this movie if you decide to. Chris Pine is decent. He does not get much of a scope to display his acting skills.

I am not sure if Tony Scott just stumbled into two scripts related to a speeding train or if one was conceived as an inspiration from the other. The other film being Taking of Pelham 123. Having said that I would like to say that Tony Scott has done a much better job in this film than the former. But there was ample scope for improvement and perhaps Tony should have taken some inspiration from a fantastic classic by the name of Speed.

Denzel Washington fan? Go for it.
Love high paced action? Wait for the DVD
Date movie? No.

Repeat value: Only if its free.