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Up In the Air

Up In the Air

3.0 87 Ratings

Directed by : Jason Reitman

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A movie about life, love, priorities and goals in the wake of recession.

Up In the Air Audience Review

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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There is something about George Clooney which makes you sit up and notice. Be it the stylish crook act in Oceans series, or even the stupid and slanderous Harry from Burn after Reading. (Bruce Wayne was an exception, though) Here, as the suave, baggage-free Bingham, he brings up a stellar performance yet again.Ryan (Clooney) fires people for a living. He excels in the task, handing out false assurances and pink slips with ease. In addition, he is also a motivational speaker, inspiring people to lead lives free of relationships, much like him. Ryan lives out of a suitcase, shuttling between cities and spending most of his time in flights, airplanes and hotel rooms. On one of his trips, he meets Alex (Vera Farmiga), who shares most of his ideals, and they start an affair.Meanwhile, CTC (Ryans firm) has hired a fresh graduate Natalie, who starts threatening Binghams way of life with her proposition of firing people over the internet - thus cutting costs and grounding termination agents like Bingham in the process. To acquaint Natalie with their business, Ryans boss asks him to take Natalie with him on the next few assignments. Soon Ryan starts questioning his lifestyle, while Natalie tries to cope up with the stress of firing people.At the onset, the film immediately reminds you of the directors previous venture, Thank you for smoking with both the protagonists being men you would love to hate. However, this movie carries a lot of subliminal messages it depicts the life of a person who chooses to be aloof, and enjoys the anonymity that comes with it. On another level, it tells the story of a man obsessed with the single minded goal of collecting travellers miles. On yet another track, it portrays the anguish of a man who feels cheated once he finally decides to fall in love.The movie tries to symbolize contemporary times, with the recent recession taking away a lot of jobs, and the self-obsessed lifestyle of corporate America. The cast does complete justice to the theme, with Kendrick being realistic with her depiction of a young lady making bad career decisions for love, and the chemistry between Clooney and Farmiga is sizzling (look out for their first scene together, where both of them try to outwit the other).This movie is a must watch, but clearly not one of the directors best.

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