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3.3 87 Ratings

Directed by : Abel Ferry

Release Date : | Length : 128 Minutes

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Motivated by a desire for adventure and the wish to spend time together again, a group of friends head out on a via ferrata, a climbing track in the upper mountain ranges. For Chlo, Guillaume, Fred, Karine, and Loc, the vertigo of the summits and of buried feelings quickly complicates the trip, particularly when they discover...more

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Fanny Valette

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Gore and bore Version of Cliffhanger

Rated 2.5 / 5

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"To this day, there are 3270 unexplained disappearance in the Balkans..." Abel Ferry's first feature film Vertigo a.k.a. Vertige - Lignes de vie (Original French title) starring Nicolas Giraud (Fred), Maud Wyler (Karine, Freds girlfriend), Fanny Valette (Chloe), Raphal Lenglet (William) and Johan Libreau (Luke) is another admission in the slasher genre. Previously, Abel Ferry has done two short films "Le bon, la brute et les zombies (The Good, The bad and The Zombies)" and "Putain, la vieille faut pas l'nerver!"

Honestly, Vertigo is a sheer rip-off of The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn and Descent. Movie follows an obsolete script in which bunch of teenaged friends decide to go on an adventurous vacation and later on discover that the entire journey is much more fear-provoking than expected. Speaking of the characters, we have five young friends Fred (an experienced hiker), Karine (hiker's girl), Chloe (a doctor by profession and Karine's friend), William (Chloe's x-boyfriend) and Luke (Chloe's recent boyfriend suffering from vertigo). They all plan for mountaineering for which they travel to Croatia (a European country located at the junction of the Pannonian Plain, the Balkans and the Adriatic Sea).

As the starting point of the trail was closed down with rocks, Fred convinces everyone to take a different route to start the climb. This decision was like a "wrong turn" but this time in the mountains! As they start trekking they realize that this journey is NOT gonna be a cake walk.

Before intermission, movie is thrilling and deals with various troubles that our climbers face. It creates a grip for itself and as an audience one starts expecting a breath-taking climax. "The scene where Rope Bridge collapses and cables split is shot wonderfully". Blend of Croatia's stunning landscapes with exhilarating mountain climbing sequences sounds just WoW but it all goes down the drain when the second half reveals itself.

From there on, the movie turns into some kind of survival race. A weird looking mountain monster Anton Zukarech (Justin Blanckaert), starts killing these mountaineers one by one. The biggest problem with his characterization is the fact that he is poorly portrayed. He looked liked some insane clumsy dodo trying really hard to freak you out but failed terribly. Even the hunting scenes are weak and unimaginative with people screaming & running on the screen. All in all, the entire second half is a dull depiction of several movies of gore genre.

All through the movie one will keep expecting something extremely scary but by the end it turns out to be something average. Owing to weak character development, main artists looked annoying and artificial at times. Hearing about French horror, one starts imagining something incredible like it was there in Haute Tension or Martyrs but this one dint live up to their standards. Though director was trying to make a mixture of wrong turn and descent but he goofed up big time. I really dint understand the last scene of the movie; will not reveal it as maybe thats the climax according to the film-makers.

The movie begins really well with some great climb sequences but the major shortfall of this project is its horror elements. They are neither scary nor gripping and lose impact as the movie continues. There is nothing challenging about the climax as well and in the end you will get to know some stupid fact written it french, which means that "there are 3270 unexplained disappearance in the Balkans". I am really not sure about how they came up with this value as Balkans (mostly referred as Balkan Peninsula) is some lost land, which is not even sketched accurately on the globe.

Final Verdict: If you are a fan of gore suspense kind of genre you should better rent this one 'coz you may feel duped sitting in the theatre.

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