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Directed by : Abel Ferry

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Motivated by a desire for adventure and the wish to spend time together again, a group of friends head out on a via ferrata, a climbing track in the upper mountain ranges. For Chlo, Guillaume, Fred, Karine, and Loc, the vertigo of the summits and of buried feelings quickly complicates the trip, particularly when they discover...more

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Fanny Valette

Vertigo Audience Review

Took a wrong turn while cliffhanging!

Rated 2.5 / 5

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What do you get when you combine 'Cliffhanger' with 'Wrong Turn' or the 'Hills Have Eyes'? The answer probably is 'Vertigo' or 'Vertige' as the original French version is known as.

Five friends go rock-climbing somewhere in Eastern Europe & while they face natural dangers while scaling the mountains nothing prepares them for the far more sinister evil that lurks in the woods on the hilly terrain. Add to that, sub-plots about one of them experiencing vertigo and a dangerous bout of jealousy between one of the couples due to the presence of an ex-boyfriend.

The movie starts off really well & the tension that the initial scenes of rock-climbing build, are nerve-cracking to say the least. The scene in which the a foot-bridge across two mountains collapses while the group makes it way across it is a masterpiece of suspense which you have absolutely no inkling of whats going to transpire. However once the elements of a slasher flick set in things start to go downhill resulting in a less than stellar climax. Plus the movie tries to label it as a true incident and this simply didn't seem believable to me other than maybe the initial scenes of rock-climbing. I would like to elaborate on the slasher film elements of the movie but that would be ruining the little suspense the plot holds hence I'd rather not.

The movie moves along at a relentless pace that rarely lets go but unfortunately the plot development is stilted resulting in plenty of "Eh?" moments. One of the things the movie does well especially initially is that it never gives you a hint of whom of the five is going to die nor can you guess in what order; this adds a nice little touch of unpredictability. The acting by the entire cast is uniformly competent though nothing outstanding by any measure.

Vertigo has some truly suspenseful moments but unfortunately the latter half of the movie fails to generate the same kind of excitement which the initial parts do. Thankfully though at a brisk running time of 90 minutes it'll keep your attention occupied if nothing else.