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Directed by : Karan Razdan

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Warning takes you on a journey of 'life after death'. An innocent boatman Ramsharan gets captured on high seas by the mujahideen and then shot dead by Azaan, the leader of the jihadis. Suddenly, spirits start haunting Ramsharans daughter Muksaan. One night, Muskaan and her family successfully capture the spirit and make her r...more


“An awful script further sickened by some terrible performances! Director Karan Razdan’s latest horror flick Warning is the latest entry in the list of Bollywood’s biggest blunders.”

Warning Audience Review

Warning! Stay away from this movie

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Smita Vyas (6,288 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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This movie is shocking. Here I was comfortably settled into my seat with my tea and popcorn into what I thought was a terrorist movie. There was Atul Kulkarni looking mean as a Pakistani terrorist with a bunch of henchmen killing randomly. Ok here goes blood gore and mayhem I thought.

But no! Suddenly the little girl whose dad is killed by Atul Kulkarni gets those opaque lens bhoot eyes and starts screaming nonsense. She then gets progressively worse, flies through the air and writes messages in strange scripts on the wall. Was this the warning the title talked about I wondered?
meaning of the title I wondered?

The cast is populated by the ham queen Ila Arun, aided by the melodramatic Satish Kaushik and topped by Anupam Kher who waves a stick around as a Pir baba. There is also Rituparna Ghosh who does not get to say much but has never looked as good as here in the Banjara outfit with dark kohl eyes.I felt sorry for the child actress who is playing the horrid role of a possessed person. She is probably traumatised for life. The star role is played by some smoke that takes on Atul Kulkarni's face in this bizarre drama.

The sets are tacky with walls that have bricks painted on them and extras wandering about as villagers.

I guess the movie won't last as long in the theatre as it takes you to read this. I owe you one.