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3.0 91 Ratings

Directed by : Karan Razdan

Release Date : | Length : 109 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.2/5
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Warning takes you on a journey of 'life after death'. An innocent boatman Ramsharan gets captured on high seas by the mujahideen and then shot dead by Azaan, the leader of the jihadis. Suddenly, spirits start haunting Ramsharans daughter Muksaan. One night, Muskaan and her family successfully capture the spirit and make her r...more


“An awful script further sickened by some terrible performances! Director Karan Razdan’s latest horror flick Warning is the latest entry in the list of Bollywood’s biggest blunders.”

Warning Audience Review

India's first patriotic horror film

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Karan Razdan in an interview said that after the recent terror attacks he was watching the news footage and crying. While he was crying he went into a trance and reached a place where there were no bodies, only souls then he got a message from someone up there that if there is no body then there is no religion. Karan Razdan who is best remembered for Koi Yahaan Naache Naache from Disco Dancer then decided to make this torturous film called Agah the warning.

If the makers would have marketed it well this film would have been called Indias first patriotic film. Filled with an ensemble cast of actors who overact and ham beautifully this film is a study on acting. You have to watch Zakhir Hussain say lines like roohen nahi hoti & roohen hoti hai to understand the nuances of acting. It is a pity to see an actor like Atul Kulkarni in this film and that too with a weird dubbed voice. It looked like his voice was modulated. It is upto Siddharth Suhas then to take up the challenge to provide a background score that does not let the viewer fall asleep because the script tries its best to do that and they succeed in doing that.

Agah the warning is about a village being terrorized by a rooh who possess a young girl. No one knows what does the rooh wants. How 26/11 terror attacks story gets into a supernatural mode can be best answered after watching this film. Except the little girl in the family everyone speaks Gujarati. Maybe it is Karan Razdan attempts to woo Narendra Modi.

Final few words: agah the warning has to be taken seriously and serious effort should be made to stay away from it. Instead watch koi yahaan naache naache in respect of Karan Razdan

Rating : *

Ticket Meter : not even worth a DVD watch.

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