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"Whiplash" follows Andrew, a first-year college student as he begins his quest to become the core drummer of the top jazz orchestra in the country. Under the direction of a prestigious but borderline abusive instructor named Fletcher, Andrew would do anything to become a famous musician. His commitment is put to the ultimate ...more


“Whiplash is a powerful, exhilarating and utterly mad masterpiece of a film! ”

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Miles Teller


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Musical thriller!

Rated 4.5 / 5

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Until recent, I wasnt even aware that film by this name is up for release, its only when JK Simmons started propping up during all the nominations did I youtube it. While it seems like a musical drama, dont be fooled, this one is a taut, brilliant thriller with some great music.


1. Phenomenal performances by both Miles Teller & JK Simnons. JK especially, is dangerously brilliant & will surely take the Oscar this year.

2. Great music, which a film like this must have.

3. A runtime of 107 min is crisp and sharp, leaving you wanting more.

4. The writing itself, which makes this film so much fun.

5. A cracker of a climax.


Honestly nothing

To sum it up, this ones a no brainer. The best film I've seen this year & maybe one of the top films in the last few years, Whiplash is a little gem that must be sampled. Book your tickets without even thinking.

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