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Will You Marry Me?

Will You Marry Me?

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Directed by : Aditya Datt

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Will You Marry Me is the story of three friends, Aarav, Rajveer, and Nikhil, who have one thing common; their love for their bachelorhood. Everything seemed to be going well until a few years later, when Nikhil falls for Anjali and decides to marry her. Disappointed friends Aarav and Rajveer go to Dubai to attend Nikhils wedd...more


“A confusing, disjointed storyline with average acting at best. The movie fails to engage the audience. Skip it!”

Will You Marry Me? Audience Review


Rated 2.5 / 5

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The posters of this film have 3 men and 1 woman on it and the title says Will You Marry Me? You might have kind of figured out what this is film is about. Wait!

Whats it about? 14 friends pool in money and buy reliance ka share. The deal is that whoever stays unmarried last will get the money. In a quick photo montage only 3 are left ( Shreyas Talpade, Rajeev Khandelwal & Muzzamil Ibrahim) who will stay Unmarried amongst the three? That is not the film. Out of the three Muzzamil is getting married to his childhood sweetheart. The marriage is in Dubai. Enters, Mughda Godse. Shreyas wants to marry her. Rajeev wants to f%^$* her. Thus begins Shreyas repeating his act of Hum Tum Shabana and Rajeevs first attempt at a rom-com. But that is not the complete film. Enters Paresh Rawal who has to recover 8 crore from Rajeev? Now go back and read from the top to figure out what this film is about.

How is it? Average

Why? As mentioned above the film is all mixed up in terms of what story it wants to tell. It ends up as more of a film about friendship than a rom-com. This is director Aditya Datts 4th film and it comes across as a confused first timers effort. He doesnt mess it up completely but doesnt engage or entertain even in parts. At least his debut had a hit score. Here even the music acts as speed breakers. The only actor that had me glued was Paresh Rawal in the 4 scenes he had. Roles like these come easy to Shreyas Talpade and at some places his comic timing is good but that pony tail was damn annoying. Rajeev Khandelwal has set a benchmark for himself with Aamir and this is not the kind of role that suits him as an actor. Mughda Godse plays her part well especially in that one scene with Rajeev when she does a tit for tat with him. Muzammil is also ok in whatever is expected of him to do. The film is let down with a boring screenplay and confused direction while the actors try their best to make it a bearable watch.

Final Few words - Kehne ki toh baat nahi hai phir bhi raha na jaaye. Will you marry me, will you marry me Remember this song? Bachchan senior says no no sorry ji no no sorry ji. NO. Thats my answer to this film.

Rating - ** ( Average)

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