Yogi Bear 3D

Yogi Bear 3D

3.3 143 Ratings

Directed by : Eric Brevig

Release Date : | Length : 80 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 1.5/5
  • MJ Rating 2.1/5
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Mayor Brown has decided to shut down and sell the land for Jellystone Park which is losing business. This means families will no longer be able to experience the natural beauty of the outdoorsand, even worse, Yogi and his pal Boo Boo will be tossed out of the only home theyve ever known. Faced with his biggest challenge ever,...more


“With cute characters, amateurish humour & bright colours all around, Yogi Bear's a paisa-vasool treat for kids.”

Yogi Bear 3D Audience Review

Dumber Than Your Average Movie

| by Danish Bagdadi |
Rated 0.5 / 5
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I pity the fool who thinks kids are tools. They assume anything they dish out under the guise of "children's entertainment" will be lapped up by unsuspecting parents and kids. 'Yogi Bear' is one of those movies which might be at the most boring for a large number of kids but an excruciatingly painful torture for the parents or anyone above the age of five.

I'm sure most of us who watched Cartoon Network of the old would remember 'Yogi Bear', the charming little ruffian who was "smarter than your average bear", had a penchant for stealing picnic baskets and in general making life hell for Ranger Smith at Jellystone National Park. Not to forget Boo Boo his pint sized partner in crime whos sleepy demeanor acted like a nice little comic foil to Yogi. The movie is not far off from this format except it drags on for nearly 80 minutes which I could be thankful for not a minute longer.

The plot involves Yogi (voice of Dan Aykroyd) and Boo Boo (voice of Justin Timberlake) upto their usual shtick at Jellystone Park and in general being a bane to Park Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanagh). A nature documentary filmmaker, Rachael (Anna Faris) too has arrived in Jellystone to shoot a movie on Yogi and act as a love-interest for Ranger Smith. But alls not well at Jellystone as the unscrupulous Mayor Brown (Andrew Daly) wants to shut down Jellystone and mint money for his personal political gains. Thus begins the effort to try and save Jellystone Park by hook or by crook.

First off like I said before the script is clichd and juvenile beyond belief! Pardon my political incorrectness but to describe it as "retarded" and "dumb" is not far off from actuality. I doubt even anyone less than the age of five will be truly impressed by the lack of intelligence, excitement or even humor. Even the sequence of the flying contraption towards the end was a bloated attempt to inject some much needed life into the proceedings; unfortunately it is ineffective in generating any sort of excitement.

The animation of Yogi and a few other critters is nothing really to crow about and the far too obvious animation glitches crop up from time to time, especially when comparing the background to the characters.

Dan Aykroyd is in fine touch as the voice of Yogi while Timberlake too does a good impression of Boo Boo. Anna Farris looks uncomfortable while T.J. Miller is downright irritating as the ambitious ranger Jones who wants to be head ranger.

I think the basic point is that I'm nowhere close to the demographic which the movie aims at hence detractors might state my views mean little. However I still do enjoy Yogi Bear reruns on television, still enjoy a good "kiddie flick" and dont think a movie needs to be dumbed down as this one to be enjoyed by kids.