You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

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Directed by : Woody Allen

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The movie centers around different members of a family, their tangled love lives and their attempts to try to solve their problems.


“Woody Allen fans: must watch! Others: skip this one.”

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Ashley Palmer

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Audience Review

Stranger than Woody

Rated 2.0 / 5
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Synopsis: When an out of work writer Roy (Josh Brolin) tells his irritating mother in law Hannah (Gemma Jones), You will meet the same tall dark stranger that we all eventually meet" it more or less gives you the tone of this latest Woody Allen film, yet again about couples interlinked in a twisted fashion. Hannah has just been divorced by her husband of 40 years, Alfie (Anthony Hopkins), who in a rejuvenated zest for life and mortality, marries the first person he encounters, Charmaine (Lucy Punch), a crass hooker. Alfie & Hannah have a daughter Sally (Naomi Watts), who has her plate full, balancing her working with a top art dealer, Greg Clemente (Antonio Banderas), wanting to seduce Greg & trying to save her marriage to Roy. Roy on the other hand, is going through a writers block, living off Hannahs money and leching at the girl across the street Dia (Freida Pinto). Hannah in the meanwhile, is being advised by fake psychic, Cristal (Pauline Collins), who slowly gains control over Hannahs life, leading her to believe in reincarnation and that she will find true love, A Tall Dark Stranger.

Rating: 4/10

Y 4:

Woody Allen : Tends to get repetitive with his oft explored territory of a lot of couples set in a city, trying to figure out their relationships, their ambitions and eventually the futility of it all. The film does not offer anything new, which people have not seen in earlier Allen flicks. The old jazz soundtrack, the voice over (Vicky Christina Barcelona), but yet, the beautifully shot London locales by Oscar winner Vilmos Zsigmond (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Cassandras Dream) still offer some sort of a visual appeal. What you leave with the film is the realization of the futility of it all.

Anthony Hopkins : Sir Hopkins, presents an energetic performance as Alfie, but I could not help but keep getting reminded about Anil Kapoors character from the 2007 dud Salaam-E-Ishq. Even there a middle aged man falls in love with a girl much younger only to realize how he is a misfit in her world, the realization of loneliness and eventual attempt to return to the loving wife. Only, since that was mainstream Bollywood, reconciliation was a must and since this is an Allen film, redemption is never a fulfilled.

Naomi Watts : As the grieved, confused Sally is the only character for whom you feel for in the entire film. Her restrained frustration throughout the film, be it at Roys successful attempts at being unemployed, Gregs roving eye at her protg, Gregs point blank ignoring of advances, Alfies choice of a replacement for her mother or the volte face in front of Hannah in the climax is a gem.

Gemma Jones : Please do not be surprised if you see this years Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar going to this performance. Mindblowing is not the word. As Hannah, Gemmas transformation from the victim with Cristal in the opening scene to the re-incarnate of Joan of Arc in the end is stupendous.

Does it have The Y Factor: No!! Y Not?

The story of Josh Brolin had enough scope to be the main focus point of this film but somewhere Allen, I guess was too busy focusing on his current muse rather than take this story forward. The subplot between Roy and his comatose fellow poker cum writer friend was truly ironic. This is the only angle which leaves the protagonist with a kick in the stomach where you wish to know exactly how does it pan out. Wish it could have been more fleshed out.

Frieda Pinto : As Allens latest muse, I must say the previous muse, Scarlett Johansson has nothing to fear. There is no acting on Friedas part, (although did not see much of an actress in her in Slumdog Millionaire either). She is either stripping out of her red dress or getting into it. Why does she always wear red? Not to mention the constant reference of the muse factor in her story, gets to you past a point!

Watch it only if you are a die hard Allen fan, or else skip it and buy the recently released DVDs of Inception.will definitely be worth your while.

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