You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

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Directed by : Woody Allen

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The movie centers around different members of a family, their tangled love lives and their attempts to try to solve their problems.


“Woody Allen fans: must watch! Others: skip this one.”

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Strange, Stranger, Strangest

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Woody Allen has been making movies since 1966. The only person who comes to my mind out here who is still at it is Dev Anand. He has still not given up on direction. I admit I have not caught up with a lot of Woody Allen films but after watching this one I feel like visiting his earlier movies.

You will meet a tall dark stranger is about a recent divorcee Helena (Gemma Jones) dealing with the sudden change in her life. Her ex-husband (Anthony Hopkins) is exploring new pastures. Their daughter (Naomi Watts) is trying to deal with a crush on her Boss (Anotnio Banderas) & also her husbands (Josh Brolin) failure at becoming a writer, who in turn is besotted with his saamne wali khidki lady (Frieda Pinto) in red. So, the story is one hopscotch of dukhi people who want a way out of their misery. If this plot sounds interesting to you trust me the film will bore you to death. The screenplay works more like a play filled with conversations after conversations. Helenas character is so irritating and Jones has played is so well that after a point you feel like shaking up the woman and saying Stop it!!! The only character that kind of makes you connect with him is of Josh Brolin. His character is a perfect mirror for people who are still struggling to make it in their field of work in spite of knowing that they dont have it in them. Freida Pinto is dressed in Red all the time even down to her undergarments. No, no there is no peek- a- boo scene in there. As a role there is not much for her to do. I think it was Allens fantasy to see a Red Indian (Pun intended) in his film. There is Anupam Kher straight out of the countless father roles he has played in Hindi cinema. He gets one and a half scenes to tell everyone that he worked with Woody Allen. The writing and direction does not hold the attention or engage you with the characters to be able to sit through the film without shifting in your seat throughout.

Final Few Words: Sitting in a mall and observing people is much more entertaining than watching the lives of these Strange People. My advice, be a stranger to this one.

Rating : **

Ticket Meter : Rent a DVD if the star studded cast attracts you. Not worth a ticket.

P.S. - My wife and I were the only ones in the theatre who saw the entire movie. There was another guy who ran out half way into the movie.