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Directed by : Wayne Thornley

Release Date : | Length : 83 Minutes

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Set in a bustling bird city on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls, "Zambezia" is the story of Kai - a naïve, but high-spirited young falcon who travels to the bird city of "Zambezia" where he discovers the truth about his origins and, in defending the city, learns how to be part of a community.


“Muddled plotting and mediocre animation, Zambezia is a below-average fare.”

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Leonard Nimoy

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Rated 1.5 / 5

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It might share its name with a district inMozambiquebut this South African produced animated movie's title actually refers to a safe haven of sorts for birds that exists in its plot. The movie's lacking when it comes to technical finesse, though I can't blame the producers because unlike the likes of Pixar, Dreamworks and Blue Sky, I'm sure they must have been working on a budget far less. On the plot however, they really screw the pooch.

Kai (voice of Jeremy Suarez) is a young peregrine falcon, who lives in parched valley with his overprotective father, Tendai (voice of Samuel L. Jackson). A chance encounter with a bunch of birds headed for the feathered safe haven, Zambezia, also reveals bits of his father's past and gives wings to his own dreams of joining the Hurricanes, an elite bird patrol unit. Young Kai, mch against the wishes of his father leaves for the city ofZamzebiawhere he even gets an opportunity to join the hurricanes. However Zambezia is under threat from a giant lizard, Budzo (voice of Jim Cummings) and his flock of vultures. Now it's up to little Kai to stop Budzo and along the way learn a thing or two about his past.

The humdrum plotline is most likely to hold the attention of anyone less than five years old or someone who's never seen an animated movie in their life before or Star Wars or Harry Potter.... Despite being a kiddie flick, oddly there are instances of a few sexual references throughout the movie which stand out like a sore thumb. The movie's lines of dialogue too are absurd to say the least and Budzo gets some really terrible ones; the "When nature calls…" lines particularly takes the cake.

The voice work ranges from terrible to barely satisfactory despite the cast having the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Abigail Breslin and Leonard Nimoy. The background score on the other hand is a wannabe 'Lion King' rip-off and never gets it right with the action onscreen. It's seems perennially out of sync.

The animation is mediocre at best and while the backgrounds are alright along with Budzo's animation, the rest not fluctuate between two extremes. I know the budgets are way lower than any of the American or European studios but what I see, I say.

Zambezia may be enjoyed by kids under the age of five, for anyone else it's waste of time. However the best bit of animation in the whole movie was the logo clip of Triggerfish, the animation studio behind the movie, don't miss that.

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