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    Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 06, 2015 14:21 PM IST
    3.0DM (320 ratings)

    Verdict - Old Wine. New Bottles.

    The Age of AdalineWatch trailerRelease date : June 05, 2015

    There is nothing we see in Age of Adaline that we havent see Madhuri do all these years.

    Birthdays may come and go but still not looking a day old 29. I dont know how Ms Dixit does it but in Adaline's case it is a curious case of hypothermia , a freak snow storm and a bolt of lightning...khair Hindi filmo mai a combination of all this leads into a pregnancy...but this is a angrezi picture. So freaky science , the aging process is 'frozen' , and we have a woman who be over the course of the film age a 100 plus but will still look 29.

    Nervous after a near kidnapping episode with the spooks, she has been on the run, her daughter now explaining the mother away as a 'friend'. Well it is a definite improvement on an episode where a friend runs into her and her high school daughter about town. "OH MY GOD YOU LOOK LIKE SISTERS! WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?" giggle...giggle "IMPORTED CREAM!" Adeline trills away. Bibi keh deti santoor santoor..Santoor get youthful, glowing skin naturally', Aunty could have saved a buck.

    Now to be a character our grand ma's age in angrezi films mean that you are a wise old soul and can tell young men to ditch a medical course if their heart isnt in it and pursue their interest in stars, astronomy.

    Kiya baat hai. In our part of the world Dadi Ji will not let us change the drawing room curtain for Dada Ji ki nishani hai.

    So Adeline ji ko love ek baar phir se hua, but when she sees that the guy is getting serious about her all proposing and all she runs out on him. Sensible lady. For why break a man's heart by telling him that he will be married to a woman who will have a 29 year old's body forever and ever? Not after leaving him with such a stellar Shaadi Online profile. Med School DropOut. Interests: Sitaro Se Aage Jahan Aur Bhi Hain.

    But then that man grows up to be Harrison Ford(that silver fox is the only silver lining in such a glum film) and tah dah!many many years later Adaline/ Blake Lively will fall in love with his son. Woo hoo! wooing father and son. Khair, that stunt Madhuri ji has pulled off quite quite ably with REAL LIFE FATHERS AND SONS during her film career.

    So, a family reunion over the parents' 40th wedding anniversary. Sonoma County. One house. Daddy ji getting all sentimental each time he gazes upon Adaline "Your Mother And Me Were Very Close". Mummy ji (Kathy Baker) all flustered, so was I second best? Here am I reaching out for the popcorn, arey will be lucky enough to watch angrezo ki LAMHE.

    We will not be so lucky.

    Skip it.

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