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Not up to the horror

  • Deepti Lakra

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    Desimartini | Updated - September 17, 2019 4:14 PM IST
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    Annabelle Comes HomeRelease date : June 27, 2019

    Annabelle Comes Home holds a special place the brand’s direction. It turns out the title has a semi-double meaning, as in addition to the movie featuring a plot that sees the titular doll come to live in the Warren house, it’s also seen by the filmmakers as a homecoming of sorts for the entire Conjuring Universe. As said as above Conjuring series were good enough, but not Annabelle Comes Home. There are a lot more movies from which the audience did have large expectation and some goals for this movie too.

    For me, I did accept more, the movie started with ED Warren and Lorraine Warren and the Anabelle doll which they were taken back from the family, as the family came to know that the doll was possessed. The doll is taken back by the Warren family and it was kept in the room were those things were which were possessed or it was related to the spirit.

    While the doll was being kept in the room it was attracting all that was evil towards it. And it was kept in a case that was brought from one of the church and was blessed by Father Gordon to ensure that the evil is suppressed.

    We also see in the movie that Judy Warren is the daughter is seeing the spirit just like her mother. Judy sees the spirit of a priest, and it begins to follow her and the fact that her parents have the wackiest job in town makes her a bit of an outcast at school, which she deals with like a champ. Mary Ellen is in charge of babysitting the daughter of Warren. As ED Warren and Lorraine Warren are out of town, Mary Ellen is there to take care of Judy as she baby sits her. Mary Ellen’s friend Daniela arrives uninvited to the Warren’s homes, as she was curious about speaking to the dead after the death of her father.

    Even after Mary’s warning regarding the artifact room, Daniela finds the keys in the Warren’s home office and sneaks into the artifact room. After entering the room, she starts touching artifacts, trying to use one to contact her father. And accidently leaves Annabelle’s glass case unlocked and from there the terror begins as the spirit of Bee Mallins is set free. That night, Annabelle releases other spirits also which include the Ferryman, the bride, a cursed samurai armor, a haunted Feeley meeley board game and the black sack.

    Here in this horror movie we also see a small glimpse of romance between Mary Ellen and her crush Bob Palmeri. On the night when all spirits were free we see that Bob comes to see Mary at the Warren’s house there he is attacked by the Black shuck and then hides in the Warren’s backyard where the chickens are kept here is the part where all the audience were laughing, while Bob was being attacked by the black shuck on the other hand Mary Ellen is attacked by the Ferryman and Judy is confronted by Annabelle and Daniela becomes trapped inside the artifact room and is tormented by a monkey toy and an old television that can predict the near future.

    While Bob is hiding in the Warren’s backyard the trio (Mary, Daniela and Judy) escape from the artifacts room and Judy explains that they must lock Annabelle in her case again so that the other spirits will rest. When they try to retrieve the doll, Daniela is possessed by the bride. Mary Ellen and Judy find the doll after the priest’s spirit, acting as Judy’s guardian, shows them the way.

    Later on Daniela recovers when Judy plays ED’s recorded footage of the bride’s exorcism. And then manage to retrieve the case’s key after being attacked by demonic hands from the Feeley meeley board game. After that the doll’s case is locked and the disturbance is stopped and the other spirits return to their slumber.

    In the movie we also get to see the real-life Annabelle story in the form of a raggedy Ann doll given away as a prize on a TV game show. The movie also shares some romantic yet comedy, part which kills away the horror of the movie. But the introduction of what’s in the box board game freely meeley leans successfully into the film’s spooky sleepover vibe.

    Unlike other Conjuring series, we have seen that whenever Judy is in danger or is being attacked by spirits, her mother (Lorraine Warren) sees it before hand in her vision and then try to keep Judy safe and protected but this is what we miss in this movie. When Annabelle and other spirits were attacking Judy and other, Lorraine Warren wasn’t seen in any part of the movie. And the teenage children manage to lock back Annabelle to the case. The character is painfully slow on the uptake, considering they’re in such an overt horror movie scenario and the confused machinations that set Annabelle loose leave sarife’s character both largely unlikable and woefully inconsistent. Sluggishly paced and lacking in inspiration. Annabelle comes home lack the style and scares of the better conjuring movies, this movie also plays it’s tantalizing spook house concept a little slow and far too straight.

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