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  • Ant-Man and the Wasp Review

    Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - July 15, 2018 17:47 PM IST
    3.0DM (15486 ratings)

    Verdict - Absolutely watchable !

    Ant-Man and the WaspWatch trailerRelease date : July 13, 2018

    Antman And The Wasp is a two hour five minute long movie which gives you moments of emotion,thrills and humour. The three pillars that drive any superhero movie and the fact that this one is also part of the now larger than life marvel Avengers family this movie is completely watchable for its connected references to the big boys.
    Antman is also extremely entertaining for Michael Douglas and the flare the actor brings each time he is one the screen. He is part cynical,part humourus,part cocky but above all he is steadfast in his character as Hank Pym , the other star cast is brilliant too especially Lurence Fishburn and Hannah as Ava.
    The movie has a script which never loses its focus from its basic premise bringing Hank’s wife back who is struck in the quantum realm. They do bring her back though in their way stands a capable nemesis with a human side to her called Ava.
    The movie has its thrill moments. It has its moments of emotions and they are blended together perfect just when emotions could get heavy the thrilling part moves in and just when thrills could get predictable it has its drama coming in. The movie in short is like travelling in a speeding train across curving hills.
    Antman’s background score like all Marvel movies is totally hypnotizing.
    Go watch this one the next weekend if you have not yet watched it , it has some great parenting moments too.
    Frankly the intelligent holier than thou screenplay writers could take a few lessons from those who write Superhero movies at Marvel.
    My rating a solid 3.5 stars

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