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  • Val Sai

    Val Sai

    1 Reviews
    Rated 5.0December 12, 2018


    DC has done it this time around with an amazing swashbuckling movie that is full of action and drama. The visual effects and Jason Momoas stunts ar...read more

  • Rachel Tigga

    Rachel Tigga

    1 Reviews
    Rated 4.0December 12, 2018


    Great Movie for a new character from Justice League covered by DC Comic's #WoW an Epic Movie to watch in 3D effects with an Epic Journey to Atlanti...read more

  • Gagandeep Singh Narang
    Rated 5.0December 12, 2018

    Hail to the God of Elixir

    Aquaman has redifined what a super hero is. What a "marvel"-ous way to let your competition know that the titan has arrived. And dont you dive your...read more

  • Akbar Uddin

    Akbar Uddin

    2 Reviews
    Rated 5.0December 12, 2018

    Is Aquaman deep sea or shallow

    At times, “Aquaman” contains the hints of a visionary blockbuster: From giant sea creatures swirling through open blue vistas to Dafoe riding a gia...read more

  • Jyoti Sharma

    Jyoti Sharma

    3 Reviews
    Rated 5.0December 12, 2018


    Jason Momoa ?Aquaman finds himself caught between a surface world that ravages the sea and the underwater Atlanteans who are ready to revolt.And Th...read more