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  • Broken and Unchained

    Parampara Patil Hashmi

    Desimartini | Updated - April 10, 2015 02:43 AM IST
    3.1DM (238 ratings)

    Verdict - Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Hollywood debut underperforms all his films!

    Broken HorsesWatch trailerRelease date : April 10, 2015

    When Vidhu Vinod Chopra broke the news of his Hollywood directorial debut, there couldn't be any lesser speculation. Add to it being the remake of his super successful classic 'Parinda'. The news raised many eye brows. While many applauded Chopra for taking a step westward and putting India on the global map, many were unsure of the same.

    Much like Parinda, the plot of Broken Horses revolves around two brothers- Buddy and Jakey who get orphaned as kids. In an attempt to fill in for the lost parents, Buddy becomes the provider for Jackey, while Jackey gets the better life and drifts apart from his brother, only to come back years later and realize the real coup.

    Buddy has fallen in the trap of Mexican Mafia, Julius Hench who has been manipulating his innocent mind (TBH, I found him to be more stupid than innocent!) In due process, Hench stakes Buddy and gets his targets killed by him. When Jackey fails to open Buddy's eyes who blindly trusts Hench decided to dirty his hands and save his brother from this evil trap that he has been trapped in for years. (These random feelings of brotherhood are so awkward in Hollywood! You got to miss Anil Kapoor and Jackie Dada's bro hugs!)

    Set in the already exploited, Mexican Mafia premise, the guns don't get any better, nor do the brothers or the villains. For a Bollywood Director who has made some real classy films, Henry Shotwell,Nicholos Neve, Vincent D'Onofrio and Anton Yelchin fail to impress much!

    While the film makes for a decent watch, it lacks novelty factor except that the entire Hollywood filming process must've been the novelty for VVC. Moreover, in many portions, the film looks like a literal translation of the original, 'Parinda'. (More reasons to miss Anil Kapoor and Jackie Dada)

    There's average musi, some good cinematography, below average performances and a majorly highlighted awkward film by an ace director.

    Call it Cheeni Kum or not, it's definitely not Chai Garam! (Okay! Sorry)

    But Broken Horses is just another hit-and-a-miss tale from someone as illustrious as Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The drama doesn't suit the film, there is a Bollywood touch of emotions which fails to fall in sync with the characters. This film has all necessary elements except order. The film is all over the place leaving little to impress!

    You will definitely miss the punch lines in the Bollywood original.

    A mediocre, awkward effort by some brilliant sensibility. This is surely not the film of Vidhu Vinod Chopra's that you'd really like to remember!

    Rest, there are guns and gangs and if that excites you even at the thought level you might want to check out the film!

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