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All audience reviews of Bruce Almighty

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  • Vikramjit Singh

    Vikramjit Singh

    71 Reviews , 1 Followers
    Rated 4.0September 28, 2010

    Thanks Almighty!

    Bruce Almighty released at a time when when we Indians were being fed regular doses of Karan Johar and Yash Raj. The 'message-with-a-humor' syndrom...read more

  • Varun


    124 Reviews , 11 Followers
    Rated 3.0September 15, 2010

    Bruce Almighty

    Some don't believe in God, some of us are agnostic, some are thankful, and some keep complaining. This is a fantasy story of a guy give God's power...read more

  • Shruti Chhabra

    Shruti Chhabra

    17 Reviews
    Rated 3.0September 09, 2010

    Jim carry does it again- Bruce Almighty

    If you are going for a Jim Carrey movie, you need to understand two things. First, you are going to have a laughter riot and Secondly please leave ...read more

  • Lakshmi


    67 Reviews
    Rated 3.5September 01, 2010

    Become God, solve all your problems!!

    Whether it's the fact that Jim Carrey is in it or the fact that Morgan Freeman is playing God, I don't know, but the movie was really funny and enj...read more