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    Merkwürdige Liebe

    Desimartini | Updated - January 08, 2016 14:27 PM IST
    2.8DM (174 ratings)

    Verdict - An incredibly uninspired and lazily made slog.

    Daddy's HomeWatch trailerRelease date : January 08, 2016

    I've seen a lot of terrible films, but there are few films that are as dead on arrival as Sean Anders' "Daddy's Home". Barely a couple of minutes into the film, I was already convinced that I was in deep, deep trouble and the remainder of the film doesn't do much to prove that initial quick judgement wrong.
    The movie tells of Brad (Will Farrell) who is dragged into a stupid game of oneupmanship with Dusty (Mark Wahlberg,) his wife's ex-husband. Brad is a fully loving and caring step-father to his wife's children, and just when the kids are starting to warm up to him, their biological father Dusty shows up and lures them with gifts and bedtime stories. Otherwise a perfectly sorted guy, Dusty's constant provocation makes Brad insecure and he starts doing embarrassing stuff to prove to his wife and step-kids that he's worthy of them.
    The problem with the film is that it paints the picture with the broadest of strokes and resorts to some very silly and obvious humour every now and then. Sure, silly humour isn't a problem in itself, but in a movie as uninspired and dull as this one, there just isn't a strong enough emotional core to back it up. The film is utterly predictable from the very beginning: predictable not by way of narrative arc but by way of individual moments, the emotional trajectory and and the overall stand it takes. One can figure out how every scene is going to end right at its beginning, and what the next one is going to be.
    The only thing that keeps the whole thing from being unbearable, then, is that it doesn't try very hard. Which is a bit of a paradox - if a film is so terrible that you actually end up being glad that it's totally uninterested in getting you to care, can that lack of conviction on the film's part be considered a good thing? I mean, if I'm gonna be shown something this bad, I'd rather not be persuaded into paying attention.
    So yeah, the film just sits there passively, random mediocre stuff goes on and on and you aren't infuriated because it's just easy to ignore.
    Oh, and Mark Wahlberg is very effective at playing a smug jerk, (as was already evident in the superb "Pain and Gain".)

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