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    Rahul Bharadwaj (8,745 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 27, 2018 22:57 PM IST
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    Verdict - the bad boy has not yet lost his swag ! what a wild ride this one !

    Deadpool 2Watch trailerRelease date : May 18, 2018

    Clearly Deadpool is fast becoming the superhero or the bad guy as you would choose to call him with that spunk or that X-factor that makes him one of the best dark superheroes you can see on the screen. Deadpool’s second franchise keeps the voltage and entertainment promise red hot throughout its run time of 120 minutes and almost a minute more.
    A soldier who come back in time to kill a boy and deadpool is left to protect him. Now that sounds Terminator to a lot of you but this one is anything but Terminator. The problem about writing observations for a movie like Deadpool is that you just cannot write anything which is not a spoiler and there might still be truckloads of you guys out there who have not yet seen the movie. So let me just give you the good news first that the bad boy has not yet lost his swag and the movie is as wild a ride as was the first Deadpool.
    The humour is even sharper and that is a big achievement because writing funny lines of the Deadpool type are easier said than done. DP keeps coming back with liners that keep you engaged with the movie.
    The movie has all the old faithful like Colossus but there is a new brilliant addition to the team and he is Dopinder , yeah another Indian Taxi driver who more than makes up for the absence of Bandhu.
    Deadpool has to use the biggest and oldest cliché of all times – mind blowing action. The movie makes humour out of blood and gore and at the cost of giving you one spoiler the scene where Deadpool is growing his legs back is stuff of dark humour legend. The movie as the old one chooses to laugh at itself at the right moment just when Colossus and Juggernaut break into a paisa vasool man to man fist to fist fight Deadpool announces to us that a big CGI fight is coming up.
    This Deadpool has brilliant story threads which run with the speed of the movie.A man torn by the guilt of not being able to protect the woman who he loved. A soldier who comes seeking retribution for his dead family. A kid who is blessed with superpower but is so victimized that he feels that burning the whole world down is the only good way out. This movie is a action filled kaleidoscope of entertainment. In the end the threads get sorted with such balance and finesse that you would want to show this screenplay to “intellectual” makers and tell them that this is one of the sharpest superhero movie screenplay to come out in a long time and not many will be able to write this.
    Deadpool is all about the dark confident aura of one wronged man who has some anger management issues but this time through the entry of a victim kid and a soldier who has come back to seek revenge Deadpool shows his soft side too and don’t worry it is not mushy. It is Deadpool style emotion which you will soak in.
    You love dark superheroes go dig into this one. This Deadpool story is as alluring as a bucket of dark chocolate. Deserves to be in a lot of DVD collections.
    Oh yes one more spoiler please Deadpool’s pre-death speech in this one is pure epicness. Do not miss it for anything. In any case this is the kind of a movie which keeps you seated and you don’t want to get up even when credits have rolled.
    Five stars and honest to god I could have given even five more !

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  • Rahul Bharadwaj

    Rahul Bharadwaj

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    Clearly Deadpool is fast becoming the superhero or the bad guy as you would choose to call him with that spunk or that X-factor that makes him more

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