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  • Doctor Strange Review

    Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - November 04, 2016 14:47 PM IST
    3.2DM (3133 ratings)

    Verdict - Doctor Strange – Visual treat built around a plot of super sorcerers !

    Doctor StrangeWatch trailerRelease date : November 04, 2016

    Doctor strange is a welcome addition to the avengers gang. Make no mistake that each of these movies that are being released by marvel's is a part of a content strategy.To make us totally hooked to these superheroes and their earth saving activities.

    Doctor Strange however comes from the sorcerers side of super heroes. Till now you have most superheroes in this series from the scientific side like hulk,Captain America and Ironman with one celestial being called Thor thrown in.

    In that sense Doctor Strange is a new kind of a super hero a man who creates blazing weapons by moving hand in the air .A gifted being who can create time loops and walks across time and mirror dimensions.

    Dr.Strange has a interesting plot. An arrogant neurosurgeon loses his most important assets , his hands. When rational medicine fails the man turns to eastern occult and lands in Kathmandu in search of a place called Kamar-Taj where a guru of all sorcerers called supreme sorcerer or the ancient one has the key to the cure of his hands. What the good doctor does not anticipate is his meeting with the ancient one will guide him to his meant for destiny , being the protector of earth from the dark magical forces headed by Dormammu. How Dr.Strange learns a new dimension of hope and strength and in the process ends Dormammu's threat to the earth through Ancient one's ex-disciple who has turned rogue called Kaecillius.

    Dr.Strange is also the first 3D movie in a long time which justifies your wearing the 3D specs for its 115 minutes length . It does not have the stunning visuals of an Avtar but in 3D the spectacle of heroes and villains fighting each other is lifted to an engrossing visual level.

    Dr.Strange also has a brief sweet love track of Dr.Strange with Christine Palmer. It could have been made better but is good enough to watch.

    The action scenes are well executed and Dr.Strange's interaction with the characters of Kamar-Taj is funny and serious in a fine balance. His interactions with Wong in particular are brilliant.

    Dr.Strange is not an unmissable classic but for sure with his arrival the next plot of Avengers become more interesting, the end credits have a scene where Thor has turned up for his help.

    Dr.Strange is worth your ticket money for sure and far far better than the absolute disappointments from Hollywood in last few weeks like The Accountant and Jack Reacher- Never Go Back !

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